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Article: How to Dress When You're a Bigger Guy

How to Dress When You're a Bigger Guy

How to Dress When You're a Bigger Guy

The best accessory for any outfit is confidence. We've all heard the adage "confidence is key," and while it might be a bit played out, there's a reason some cliches remain. When you're a bigger guy, it can be hard to feel secure in how you look, especially when magazines, apparel companies, and social media are overrun with images of slim, ripped guys modelling every outfit. But having a little more to love isn't a problem, and chubby guys can and should look and feel stylish too. 


While we firmly believe that anyone can wear whatever they want, there are some tips and tricks to outfitting for a larger frame. If you're looking to change up how you put together your outfits AND feel more confident in your every day, this is a great place to start. 


Styling Tips for Bigger Guys

Invest in Wardrobe Building Blocks 


Creating a flattering silhouette for your frame is the first step in building a wardrobe you'll be excited to wear. Start by investing in quality, well-fitting basics that look and feel good on your body. And when it comes to basics, look no further than the humble undershirt. Opt for undershirts made from durable, heavier gauge, natural fibres. They will lay nicer on your body, creating a more streamlined silhouette. Avoid anything that will cling to the parts of your body you don't want to show off. 


Styling tip: Roll with it! Cuffing the sleeves on your short sleeve shirts can help balance out a broad frame by breaking up the line across the chest and arm. It will also add visual interest to a basic tee and look more intentional and put-together. 


Colour is King 


Dark, solid colours will always be the most flattering on a bigger body. For base layers like shirts and pants, go for black, navy, burgundy, olive green, and charcoal grey. These colours will not only be the most flattering, but they'll also have the added benefit of hiding shadows under your chest and stomach, and they are better for obscuring any sweat that may pop up throughout the day. 


Being a bigger guy doesn't mean you can never wear light colours or patterns. Look for layering pieces like jackets, over shirts, and vests in bright, bold colours or patterns to show off your unique style and personality. 


Create Structure 


Repeat after me: flimsy fabrics are not your friend. Thin, lightweight garments will stick and cling to all your folds and highlight parts of your frame that you might not be comfortable showing off. When looking for sweaters and shirts, remember: thicker knits hide your tits. Look for heavier gauge knits and fabrics because they will lay nicer on your body and provide more structure and shape, creating a more flattering silhouette. 



Tip: One way to make sure your clothing is fitting right is to invest in custom apparel. Getting a tailored shirt or suit made to your exact measurements will ensure that your clothing is laying and fitting just right every time. To get your custom apparel journey started, check out the Adesso Man custom apparel service


Add Some Flair 


One way to distract from areas that you might not feel confident about is to create visual interest in other areas with accessories. Adding rings, bracelets, or a watch can add visual weight to your arms, wrists, and hands instead of something like your stomach or thighs. You can also use a belt to help define your waist and break up your shape. 


What to Avoid: 

  • Boxy silhouettes. Some men think that wearing oversized and baggy apparel will make them look smaller, but this is the opposite of what you should be doing. Dressing in properly sized garments will make you look smaller and more muscular than trying to obscure your frame in clothing that doesn't fit. 
  • Horizontal stripes. Wide, flat, and horizontal patterns can add physical bulk to your shape, creating the appearance that you are broader than you are. 


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