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Article: Dress Your Best for Wedding and Grad Season

Dress Your Best for Wedding and Grad Season

Dress Your Best for Wedding and Grad Season

Nothing in 2020 or 2021 has been regular. For more than a year, our lives have been placed on hold while our suits and dress shoes have widely gone unworn, relegated to the back of our closets in service of sweatpants and slippers. And while it might still feel too soon to declare an end to this ongoing period of social isolation, there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. As vaccinations make their way into arms, the collective anticipation of once again gathering with friends and family to celebrate life's milestones grows stronger. And when the time comes that we can all gather close once again, you better be sure we're going to look right.


Summer is host to some of our most treasured formal events, most notable among them are grad and wedding season. While summer 2021 is again looking like we won't have mass gatherings, teens are still finishing high school and lovers continue to join in matrimony. Whether you're celebrating with your pod in your backyard, or heading off to the mountains to elope, marking these momentous occasions with a style-forward look that makes you feel great is just as important as it would be if your venue hosted thousands.


To make sure you look your best this (unconventional) grad and wedding season, we've compiled a few tips to help you stand out in any sized crowd.


Make it Special

For monumental events like a wedding or graduation, pull out all the stops. Even if you're celebrating with a small, private affair, allowing yourself to get dressed up is valuable for your mental health and well being, especially after spending more than a year socially distanced.


If you really want to mark the occasion, why not do it in a custom suit? Not only will you be sure that everything is fitting right, but you will also have the opportunity to add special details, pick off-beat colour combinations, and make any adjustment needed to bring your sartorial vision to life.


If a full suit isn't in the budget, investing in a made-to-measure dress shirt will have you looking great and feeling more confident because you know it is crafted to fit just right. We only have a handful of truly special moments in life, so don't be shy about celebrating.


Go for a Timeless Look

Wedding and event photos are pricey, and you're going be looking at them for decades to come. To ensure the images from your special day aren't instantly dated, we recommend opting for classic, classy apparel on your wedding day or graduation. A look we love for a fashion-forward formal ensemble is a classic tuxedo with interesting details —like suede trim or lapels— a perfectly fitted white dress shirt, black dress pants, patent black dress shoes, and a solid black silk bow tie.


You can never go wrong with a timeless silhouette, so save your funkiest suit for a party or other social event. 


If you're going for a relaxed summer wedding and would prefer to wear something less formal than a tuxedo, pairing a nice, fitted sport coat with white or light coloured dress pants is a great, paired-down option. 


Avoid Matchy-Matchy 

Your necktie and pocket square should not match. Instead, pair complementary colours and patterns for a more refined and style-forward look. This will help you look like you know what you're doing and less like you bought your accessories in a two-in-one package from some big-box store.


Don't Muddy Your Metals 

While we are always for playing around with different tones and materials, formal events often call for a return to the basic building blocks of outfitting. For events like your wedding or graduation, we recommend pairing similar tones in your jewellery and accessories for a cohesive and elevated look. 


Pro Tip: Match your rings or other jewellery to your watch. This small attention to detail can make all the difference in your outfit's overall look


Watch It

Adding a classic timepiece to your suit or formal wear helps pull together the overall outfit and looks more mature and fashion-forward. Think of history's most elegant and stylish men. Did James Bond pop up? He would never dare to show up to an event without a quality timepiece on his wrist. Why should you?


You don't have to break the bank to wear a watch. Our collection of Briston Watches combines elegant styling and precision engineering at an affordable and accessible price point. 


Show Off Your Personal Style

Above all else, be yourself. Not into a bow or necktie? Then opt for a pocket square and lapel pin. Don't want to wear a suit at all? Create a fun, more relaxed look with a dress shirt, trousers, and suspenders. Want to show off a bit of personality? Add a dash of colour with a fun pair of socks or custom lining in your suit. Play with off-beat fabrics like velvet or linen. Nothing makes you look better than feeling confident, so make sure you do what makes you happy on your special day!

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