Collection: Beard Care

Beard Care

We offer many different beard products, from multiple Canadian brands.

How do the different products work?

Beard Oils

Beard oil is a great way to hydrate your beard & skin. As beards grow out, guys often get itchiness from dry skin underneath. Beard oil works wonders for dry skin + dry beards.

Beard Conditioners + Soaps

Its important to also take care of your beard in the shower. Soaps + conditioners help clean your beard without drying it out.

Toothbrush product

Beard Balms

Balms are slightly different than oils. Balms are meant to help tame down your beard, while also conditioning it. They work great when combined with a beard oil.

Beard Tools

Beard combs and brushes are a must have for any guy with facial hair. Brushes are great after putting beard oil in to help distribute and also straighten the hairs. Combs are great to keep in your pocket to help maintain your beard throughout the day.