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Shaving Products

From preshave oils and soaps to safety and straight razors.
We have you covered.

How do the different products work?

Preshave Oils

Preshave oil is an amazing product that is not well known. Not only is it all natural, but it helps you get a smoother shave, while cutting down on ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Aftershave Balms + Tonics

Aftershaves work amazing at cleansing your skin and pores. Traditional aftershaves are heavily alcohol based, which dries out your skin. We carry balms and tonics that help with hydration, and smell amazing too!

Toothbrush product

Shave Soaps

Shave soaps are amazing. They work a lot better than traditional shaving cream, and help hydrate your skin. They often give you a smoother shave, and you can also bring them in your carry on bags.

Safety + Straight Razors

Most of us are tired of paying money on expensive cartridge razors. Safety and Straight razors are an amazing thing because not only are they significantly cheaper to shave with, but they actually give a closer, better shave.