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Article: Casey Greabeiel of Greta on the Values that Shape His Life

Casey Greabeiel of Greta on the Values that Shape His Life

Casey Greabeiel has a lot on his plate. Not only is he the co-partner of GRETA Bar and Hudsons Canada's Pub, but he recently opened his third restaurant, Salt & Brick, in Kelowna. We have admired his work ethic and creative drive for the last three years so we finally sat down with him to learn more about his personal style, his interests outside of work, and his goals for the upcoming year. 
Juggling three businesses can get pretty hectic so what do you like to do relax? 

Even in my downtime, I place a lot of importance on personal development and all forms of self-care. I'm also a big fan of sports, eating pizza, and drinking pinot noir. 

How would you describe your personal style and what are your go-to shopping spots? 

I would describe it as casual meets fancy. I wear everything - from suits to streetwear. I try not to take myself too seriously, but it definitely took some time for me to gain the confidence to take fashion risks. My shopping go-tos are ESPY, Topman, Henry Singer, Less 17, and Adesso. I met the founders over three years ago and they inspire me in so many ways through their character, their confidence, their work ethic, their genuine nature, and their style, of course. 

What are your biggest fashion guilty pleasures? 

I always revert to hoodies and baggy 501 Levis.

What does it mean to be your true, authentic self? 

For me, it means showing up every single day and being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. It's important that I am always kind and genuine with others, that I am willing to be vulnerable with myself and others, that I am loyal and live with integrity, and that I can accept what is going on in my life and make the best of it. 

What are your goals for the upcoming year? 

I've committed to taking a 3-day personal development course at once a month for the next 12 months. I also want to grow the Greta Bar by at least 1 location. Spending more time with my loved ones is also extremely high on my priority list, and I want to go on a trip where I completely disconnect from my phone and work. 
What do you need to make it through the worst of days? 
Three things: exercise, a sense of purpose, and stimulating conversation 

Stay connected @caseygreabeiel 

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