Manday Grooming The Wild Beard Sauce
Manday Grooming The Wild Beard Sauce

Manday Grooming The Wild Beard Sauce


Get on the Sauce.

Beard Sauce is a signature blend of cold-pressed Canadian-grown Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel, and Argan oil that provides the perfect profile of fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids to nourish your beard and skin. We use fast-absorbing oils that are best for beard growth and penetrate deep to keep your beard soft, reduce beard itch, and prevent dry skin without leaving oily residue or causing your skin to break out. Our signature scents to keep you smelling fresh for hours while keeping your beard game strong.


Hemp Powered Beard Oil.

We proudly use Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil grown in Canada to condition your beard and promote overall beard & skin health while preventing irritation, itching, and dryness. 


Non-Greasy, Noncomedogenic Formula

A fancy way to say it won't go on greasy, clog your pores, or cause your skin to break out. 


When to "Get on the Sauce"

- Everyday in the morning after brushing your teeth. Consistency is key to improve beard growth, keep beard hairs conditioned so they "relax" and grow down, not out, and prevent the dreaded beard itch.

- Freshen up for a night out. Our signature scents are sure to turn some heads and create lasting memories with the close encounters in your life. 

- Before shaving. Apply Beard Sauce to your skin before your shave cream to help with blade glide and prevent razor burn/skin irritation. 

Size: 30 mL (Travel approved)


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