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For those of us with sensitive skin, shaving is a form of torture rather than self-care. It doesn't take long for red bumps to appear around our necks, for our cheeks to burn, and don't even get us started on the pain that is applying aftershave. But it is possible to have a comfortable, quality shave, without the razor burn and ingrown hairs! All you need are the right products, the perfect razor, and a few simple tricks. 


Dad teaching son how to shave his face

1. Open your pores and exfoliate 

The first mistake men make when shaving is going in cold turkey. Even if you are short on time, you need to prep your skin with some hot water and steam. A shower will work best to open your pores up but a hot compress can also make a world of difference. We recommend exfoliating your skin to wash away dead cells, which is one of the culprits behind bumps and ingrown hairs. You'll notice your razor glides across your skin much more smoothly with a bit of pre-shave prep! Read more here.

2. Use a shave brush and soap 

We recommend avoiding foaming shaving cream from a can, as many of them tend to dry out the skin. Instead, opt for a cream or soap that lathers via brush. Using a shaving brush also helps lift your facial hair for a closer, easier shave. Manday Grooming's High Lather Shave Soap elevates your shave experience with a nourishing blend of hemp seed, castor, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and sustainable palm oil. It improves blade glide and keeps your skin moisturized! It even contains coffee oil to help wake you up in the morning. 

3. Single-blade razors are best

Contrary to most shaving advertisements, multi-blade razors can do more harm than good. When more than one blade passes over your skin, they end up cutting the hair beneath the surface and removing a thin layer of skin — hence the burning. While this results in a close shave it also causes ingrown hairs, especially if you have curly hair and sensitive skin, and irritated hair follicles that become inflamed and angry. Switching to a double-edged safety razor isn't just more economical and sustainable, bye-bye disposal plastic, but it makes for a more comfortable shave. Safety razors move across the skin at a gentler angle, so less pressure is needed, and don't pull the hair while cutting, so you won't be left with itchy, irritating bumps! 

4. Don't skip aftercare 

Your skin needs attention before and after you shave so don't skip aftercare, especially if you have sensitive skin! Once you have finished shaving, gently rinse off any remaining shaving cream with cold water. Pat, don't rub, your skin with a towel and apply an aftershave balm that has no alcohol. Baxter's alcohol-free aftershave balm with cooling extracts of aloe vera and allantoin keeps razor burn at bay while protecting your skin from the visible signs of premature aging. Your skin will feel refreshed and touchably soft. If you don't have sensitive skin, we recommend trying Peregrine Supply Co.'s aftershave tonics in cooling mint, and tea tree and lavender

Tips and tricks for sensitive skin 

  • Always shave with a fresh, sharp blade. We stock a few different brands of amazing double edge razor blades. Learn more here
  • Always shave with the grain of your hair, not against 
  • If you tried this routine for yourself and found that your skin is still inflamed and irritated after shaving, try using a pre-shave oil. We carry Peregrine Supply Co.'s pre-shave oil in-store and online. It features a thoughtful blend of carrier oils which add an additional layer of protection between your skin and razor. It also keeps your pores open while you shave, protects against dryness and itchy skin, increases cell regeneration, and speed-up healing without inflammation! 




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