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Article: #adessolistens | Keeping the Magic of the Holidays Alive with Ronald McDonald House

#adessolistens | Keeping the Magic of the Holidays Alive with Ronald McDonald House

#adessolistens | Keeping the Magic of the Holidays Alive with Ronald McDonald House

Since we launched #adessolistens — a multi-faceted campaign highlighting the societal pressures and challenges people face on daily basis — in May, we have raised over $15,000 for local charities and collected over 100 gifts for Children's Birthday Miracles. None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing community! We thank each and every person who made a donation or contribution. Not only are you giving back to your community, but you're supporting a locally-owned, small business in the process. 

Even though we've reached an amazing milestone, we aren't finished yet! This December, we are working with Ronald McDonald House to help keep the magic of the holidays alive for families facing concerning medical predicaments and financial strain.  

Almost 70% of Canadian families live outside of a centre with a children's hospital, which means, in order to access medical care, they must travel. For many, travelling comes with a tremendous financial and mental toll. To help relieve this burden, Ronald McDonald House offers private family suites with kitchen access so families can rest for a few nights or several months while their children receive medical support, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollar in the process.

Ronald McDonald House Charities started in 1974, after Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill's daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. His wife and him spent countless days and nights in the hospital, sleeping in chairs and on hospital floors, and eating meals out of vending machines. All around them were other families doing the same thing. Fred knew there had to be a better way and reached out to McDonald’s establisher Ray Kroc who, once getting on board, helped spread the idea. Over the next few years, multiple homes were built across the USA.

The first Ronald McDonald Houses were built in Alberta in 1985 and since then tens of thousands of families have leaned on RMH during times of need. Having access to these services (which include laundry facilities, playgrounds, educational and support programs, and more) is a critical part of family-centred care. Pre-Covid, families staying at RMH were able to share experiences with one another and create a sense of community. However, this year, with necessary Covid-19 restrictions in place, families are not only separated from loved ones back home but any semblance of emotional connection during the holidays.  

“A hospital stay is extremely stressful for child and their family,” says Atlanta RMHC President & CEO Beth Howell. “When they don’t have that kind of support that cuts into their time with the child. With us, they can be with the child from the time the child wakes up until the time the child goes to bed.”

For the last four years, Adesso has been committed to actively making a difference in the lives of the people around us, which is why we are participating in RMH Santa Sacks program. Once again, we are calling upon our community to help support this initiative. Together, we can collect wish list items for the children, teens, and parents staying at a Ronald McDonald House this holiday season and help make this year a little brighter. 

If you are able, donate a wish list item to either one of our storefronts before December 11. You can find us at Market Mall  and Southcentre Mal⁠l⁠, in Calgary, Alberta!⁠ A downloadable PDF of wish list items is available here. If you would like to support our latest #adessolistens initiative but aren't able to visit us in-store, reach out at


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