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Article: Introducing: The #adessolistens Campaign

Introducing the #adessolistens campaign.

Introducing: The #adessolistens Campaign

Our company is founded on the belief that our purpose on this planet is to help elevate communities by making people feel more confident through our brand, our network and our skills. The #adessolistens Campaign is an extension of this belief.

“We listened to our hearts, the community, our people, our customers and the world at large and felt that there needs to be a radical change in how we do business,” says our CEO, Abdul Ahmed. “We wanted to use our platform to give people that don’t usually have a voice the ability to be seen and heard.” 

The #adessolistens Campaign sparks a conversation about the lack of confidence, insecurities, judgment, societal pressures and challenges people face on a day-to-day basis but are too afraid or embarrassed to talk about. 

“Over the past four years, we’ve been actively making a difference in the lives of the people around us — not just with our products, but also through charitable collaborations and community initiatives,” says our Creative Director, Ayaz Raja. “This experience through COVID-19 really solidified that our community, including marginalized populations, can use endless amounts of help.”

Members of the Adesso team meeting with the community at our Coffee with Us event.

Abdul agrees: “Our brand has come together in a thoughtful way to create a path to empower individuals and communities, and help them feel more confident in their daily lives.”

Through investing in community initiatives, agency partnerships and social outreach, we aim to positively impact our community’s financial, physical and mental health and increase opportunities for education.

“Our goal has always been to be more than a fashion brand by uplifting and enriching the community around us,” says Abdul.

Through the #adessolistens campaign, our company will continue to strengthen our community by offering financial support and/or donating our time and services — such as supply chain. Management and sourcing essential goods — to charities including: ISC Health, Carya Calgary, Children’s Birthday Miracles and Ronald MacDonald House.   

Adesso will also keep developing essential products for the community to help combat COVID-19, including The Handy Sanitizer — made in partnership with Manday Grooming — and non-medical cotton face masks — which are created with the help of local designers.

The #adessolistens campaign Survival Kit, including one cotton mask and one bottle of hand sanitizer.

Both of these products will be sold separately and as part of our Survival Kit, which features one mask and a four-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer for $30. With each purchase of our masks or Survival Kit, 20 per cent of the proceeds will be donated towards The Mustard Seed.

These products not only help protect the public against COVID-19 and provide aid for vulnerable populations, but will also support local business and contribute to the local economy.

“For companies like us to make real change happen, we need to be a successful and profitable company,” says Abdul. “We plan to grow our brand with the goal in mind to be able to invest in projects that lift our community up and build a better future for generations to come.”

Abdul Ahmed, Lucas Anderson and Ayaz Raja, the Adesso Man co-founders.

Our team plans to expand the Adesso brand through committing to being the best at everything we do — from product design to customer service and community outreach. 

There are a number of ways to help us on our mission to uplift our community. Support our brand through advocating for Adesso, purchasing our products and promoting and sharing our projects and initiatives on social media. You can also help us and your community by volunteering for, or donating to, organizations we support and being positive and loving towards everyone — regardless of circumstance.

“We believe we can create awareness around important issues and provide support for vulnerable groups of people, which will create hope for them in the future,” says Abdul.

To learn more about the #adessolistens Campaign, click here

The #adessolistens campaign.

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