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Article: Five Ways to Transition Your Style from Summer to Fall

Five Ways to Transition Your Style from Summer to Fall

Five Ways to Transition Your Style from Summer to Fall

As much as style is about conveying confidence and self-expression, your clothes and accessories are fundamentally a means to protect yourself from the elements. As any Canadian knows, the changes in season from summer to fall can be tricky to navigate. For instance, you might leave the house with frost on the ground only to return from work in sweltering heat.

To help you seamlessly transition your style for the colder months, here are five tips to deal with this awkward in-between period.

Poplin & Co. nautical button down shirt.  

1. Layer Up

The general rule of thumb when the seasons begin to change is to incorporate more layers into your wardrobe. For instance, pair one of our Poplin & Co. button downs with a cardigan or over shirt. This way, when the weather gets chilly in the mornings and evenings, you will be able to stay warm while looking fly. Additionally, during hotter afternoons, lose your top layer and rock a fresh, summer-worthy look.

Sera Adesso aviator style sunglasses.

2. Stick with Sunnies

While the sun may start to shine less strongly as we move towards the colder months, it’s still important to protect your eyes (stylishly) by ensuring you keep a go-to pair of sunglasses on hand. Particularly, an aviator-esque pair like our Sera or Gianni sunglasses have a classic look that pairs nicely with the floral button downs and shorts of summer, and the flannel shirts and jeans of fall.

3. Heavy Weight Champ

One of the easiest ways to dress for colder seasons without having to completely revamp your style is to pick items that are similar to what you are already wearing, but in heavier fabrics. For instance, instead of lightweight stretch jeans choose selvedge denim. Or, pick button downs in flannel, denim or Merino wool instead of cotton or linen.

Peregrine Supply Co. light weight moisturizer.

4. Proactively Protect Your Skin 

As the air gets crisp and weather becomes cooler, you will need to adjust your skincare routine to protect your face and facial hair as the seasons change. While it is still important to use a moisturizer with an SPF even as the sun shines less strongly, you will also want to opt for a face cream that is rich in natural oils and vitamins like our Peregrine Supply Co. Ultralight Face Balm. Additionally, prevent your beard from getting dry with the Manday Grooming C4 Beard Sauce.

Adesso face mask.

5. Don’t Forget Your Mask 

While there is a degree of uncertainty as to what we can expect moving into the fall, what is clear is that masks are here to stay. Do your part to keep you and your community healthy while also wearing masks that are comfortable and easily integrated into your wardrobe.

Our made-in-Canada masks are a comfy blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex and are available in a variety of neutral tones that are suitable for both summer and fall. You’ll also be supporting vulnerable populations with your purchase, as 20 per cent of our mask proceeds go to The Mustard Seed.

Do you have any tips for transition your wardrobe from summer to fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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