4 Quick Questions with Hakeem Lawal, Co-Founder of Fari hara

You probably won't meet a nicer guy than Hakeem Lawal, co-founder of Fari Hara — a Canadian-based menswear brand that specializes in custom-made tailored suits. This spring, Adesso collaborated with Fari Hara on their first-ever unisex fashion show. Not only did #EMBODIMENT2019 highlight individual expression but the proceeds were donated to Wings of Hope, a registered charitable Breast Cancer Organization that provides financial relief to the Calgary community so breast cancer patients can focus on their recovery! We wanted to catch up with our friend and business partner so we played a round of quick questions.  
What core values help you live your best life? 
I take a glass half full approach to life. For me, living my best life means being selfless, supporting my community, and dressing well.
What are your three favourite accessories? 
Ties, tie clips, and sunglasses
What are your personal goals for the upcoming year?
Scaling up my business operations in terms of technology, branding, and marketing
What does your ideal day consist of when you aren’t working? 
Reading the news, listening to audiobooks and Spotify, and watching shows on Netflix
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