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Article: Summer Haircare 101 with Veronica Lee of Nvenn Hair and Beauty

Summer Haircare 101 with Veronica Lee of Nvenn Hair and Beauty

Summer Haircare 101 with Veronica Lee of Nvenn Hair and Beauty

Earlier this month, we wrote about what you need to know to take care of your skin during the summer. However, your face and beard care aren’t the only parts of your grooming routine that need a little extra love during the warmer months.

To find out how to properly care for your hair and scalp during the summer, we chatted with Veronica Lee, co-founder of Nvenn Hair and Beauty. Veronica also gave us her expert insight into how to style your straight, wavy, curly or tightly curly hair and what hair trends you should know about for 2020.

Veronica and her sister, Jessica Lee, began developing the Nvenn haircare line in 2008. By 2013, the duo had created their first test-launch containing five products. Around two years later, the sisters opened their salon Nvenn Hair and Beauty Bar — and have been growing ever since.

Indeed, Veronica and Jessica expanded their business by founding Dollar Eyelash Club in 2018.

As award winning hairstylists who have worked in the industry for just under 15 years each, Veronica says she and her sister were inspired to start Nvenn to change the world through hair and beauty.

“We coined the brand and the name from the Latin phrase ‘inventa il tuo mondo,’ which means ‘invent your world,’” says Veronica. “We really wanted Nvenn to not only be a hair company, but also a platform for people to go out there and create the lifestyle they want.”

Through Nvenn, the sisters empower their clients to invent their worlds through flare, beauty and individuality.

Read on to discover Veronica’s tips on summer haircare — while also feeling inspired to create your dream life and your dream hair.

Veronica and Jessica Lee, co-founders of Nvenn Hair and Beauty with their Dog Coco.

How should men adjust their haircare routines for summer weather?

The main thing with men’s hair care is focusing on keeping the scalp very healthy. A common issue for men is they want to make sure their hair is growing and not balding prematurely. That is all linked to scalp health. 

So, if you are being a bit more active in the summer, there are a couple of processes for preventing clogging your hair follicles due to sweat or products that put a lot of build-up on your scalp. You want to make sure to cleanse the scalp properly to get the build-up off, balance it and restore moisture by using conditioner and then use proper products that are not going to put build-up onto the scalp.

What are a few hair trends for 2020 that you are really excited about?

I have actually just really been encouraging change. I think that 2020 is the season of change, so, a lot of my guys that have long hair I am telling them to cut it short and guys that have short hair I’ve been telling them to grow it out.

There has been a lot of guys that had to grow out their hair during the quarantine. In the salon, I have been encouraging guys to keep it. Waves are a big trend right now, so I have started doing body waves in a lot of guys’ hair to add some volume. Some of my guys have super curly hair and I’ve been relaxing it slightly to get that wavy look as well.

Conversely, really short, cropped cuts where there is not too much hair on the top of the head have been coming in as well.

What are your styling tips for men with straight hair?

Styling tips are really going to vary on the style and texture of your hair. Typically, if you have straighter hair and you want to get some more body you’ll do that by putting pops of product in and blow-drying it into your hair. Blow-drying is really key in these situations because that's the foundation of your style.

I like to use Nvenn Texture, which is a light-whipped paste that works really well for when you want to set a style — so, blow-drying it in from wet to dry. It’s a very natural finishing product that is lightweight. Once you’ve blow-dried it into the hair, you can use a little bit more to finish your style when the hair is dry.

What about styling tips for wavy hair?

You want to think about wavy hair as the in-between of straight and curly. So, it will depend on how you’re styling it. Sometimes you would use the straight-hair process, sometimes you would use the curly-hair process.

 Nvenn Hair and Beauty Curl cream.

What is the curly-hair process?

For the curly hair process, you really want to put your products in when your hair is damp and let it air dry into the hair. This is going to prevent fizziness and is going to allow for the curls to set in their natural form — as curls have a mind of their own. There is not one recipe that works for every single head of hair, so again, it goes back to what is the haircut you have, what is the style you are going for and what is the texture of your hair.

For super curly hair, I would actually suggest using Nvenn Curl. Our Curl cream is a very buildable product, so it can give you a very light finish to a heavier hold depending on how much you use. This is also a really good product that you could cocktail in with Nvenn Texture. A lot of guys love this combo together when they have really curly hair because Curl gives their hair the moisture curls need and Texture creates hold.  

Do you have any additional styling tips?

For anyone that has shorter hair, the Nvenn Play styling paste is a product that has a bit more hold. If your hair is thicker and coarse you may need something a bit heavier, and Play would work very well for that. Depending on your look, you may want to use a little bit when your hair is damp to put your style into place, then add a little bit once your hair is dry and finished.

Nvenn Hair and Beauty Texture, Play, Polish and Wash.


What products are you most excited about right now and why?

I would definitely highlight our shampoo and conditioner. Our shampoo, Wash, is a coconut cleanser. It will clear off build-up from the scalp properly, but it won’t over-dry the scalp and will moisturize while washing.

Our conditioner, Polish, has a ton of ingredients that are going to balance the scalp’s PH and moisturize it, including cold-pressed, anti-inflammatory aloe vera, hydrolyzed silk, and hydrolyzed oats. Polish will nourish the scalp and the hair to give it the best growing environment.

Why is balancing your scalp’s PH important?

What happens is that our skin, scalp, and hair are all at a more acidic PH. When you are shampooing and cleansing, it actually changes your skin’s PH in order to clean it. After the shampoo process — like after you wash your face — you want to use your conditioner — like using a toner — to balance the PH.

Good conditioners will balance the hair’s PH. Ours is specifically designed to do that while working with our shampoo. Typically, most drugstore products are not designed to balance PH — and even some professional products you’ll buy are also not PH balanced.

For men that have shaved their heads or have lost their hair, what are your tips for maintaining scalp health?

Balancing the PH of your skin is very beneficial for men who have shaved or lost their hair. At the end of the day, you want to keep the scalp as healthy as you possibly can. It’s a lot easier to prevent hair loss than to grow it back, but regardless of that, you want to keep the scalp as healthy as possible to prevent further loss.

Even if you do shave your head, your skin like everything else is very important. If you are going to be shampooing the scalp you will still want to balance the PH afterward. That is going to maintain the scalp health — which you’ll want to do regardless of whether or not you have hair.

Coco the dog.

Coco the dog taking a bath using the Nvenn Wash shampoo. 

Do you have anything to add?

What is nice about our shampoo is that because it’s so gentle, a lot of our male and female clients use it as an entire body wash. It can work for anyone — even kids and animals. We wash our dogs with it and they smell so good afterward because it is scented with pure essential oils.


Do you have questions about keeping your hair and scalp healthy? You can get in touch with Veronica and Jessica through Instagram at @nvennhairandbeauty or by checking out their YouTube channel.

Be sure to stock up on your Nvenn Hair and Beauty products to keep your hair and scalp healthy all summer long.

 All photos provided by Nvenn Hair and Beauty.  

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