Skincare + Shaving Q & A with Peregrine Supply Co.

Skincare + Shaving Q & A with Peregrine Supply Co.

Peregrine Supply Co. are makers of modern functional men’s grooming products hailing from Vancouver, B.C.. Their products are made in small batches with uniquely crafted scent blends that are inspired by the places they come from and the places they have seen. We sat down with Tyler, who handles all product development and formulation, for a grooming Q & A. 

What is the best way to prep your skin before shaving to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn? 

We recommend starting off your routine with a hot shower, or a hot steam, to open up your pores. This will allow your cleanser or scrub to get deeper and remove more dead skin, oil, and dirt. If you don’t properly clean your pores, shaving can really drive all that gunk further into your skin which is a major cause of ingrown hairs. Our Shave + Face Soap has a clay content - about 20% - that will lightly exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin, and it can also be used for shaving so it’s a great multi-purpose product. Use pre-shave oil to lubricate and protect your skin. The oil also keeps your pores open to further avoid ingrown hairs. Apply an aftershave to clean and close your pores after you shave. 

What is the difference between a beard oil and a beard balm? 

Let’s talk about beard oil first since it has so many purposes. The main benefit of using a beard oil is comfort. It is more of a skin-focused product that helps to normalize your skin against dryness and itchiness. Beard oil can also help keep your acne under control. The oil conditions and detangles the hair so it’s much more easy to manage and feels more comfortable. 

Beard balm creates a breathable - not thick or greasy - layer to trap moisture in. It is an especially great product if you live in Alberta because of how dry the climate is. Men typically lose more moisture than women through their skin so a balm helps to maintain that skin moisture. The beeswax and lanolin give your beard shape without weighing it down or making it stiff. 

What are the benefits of using Charcoal on your skin?

Charcoal is a really interesting product. Charcoal’s particles are super small - about 1/15th of a human hair - so they can attract and stick to other particles with static. Because the particles are so small they can go deep in to your pores and absorb a lot of other stuff like sweat and pollution. The particles also act as a fine exfoliate that can polish your skin without drying it out. 

What are 3 skin essentials that all men need this summer? 

The three essentials that all men need during the summer are: a light moisturizer with SPF to protect against UV rays, an exfoliating face wash to combat against dead skin (there is more cell turnover in the summer so you accumulate more dead skin), and a face mask to help purify your skin.

What are some common mistakes that men make when it comes to grooming and skincare?

So there are 2 really common mistakes that men make. The first is using too much of a product especially products with a specific focus. You need less than you think you do. The second mistake is not committing to a regime. A lot of people will only use a quarter or half of a product line. You aren’t getting the full benefits of a duo or a trio when you are only selecting 1 or 2 products. 


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