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Article: Love is in the little things.

Love is in the little things.

Love is in the little things.

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What does that mean to you? 

To us, it means going above and beyond for the people who care about you. Doing the little things to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your significant other, a friend, your family member or even yourself.  Sometimes, love also may also be an act of kindness that goes beyond Valentine's Day itself. 

Here are 5 ways to you can express to someone the little things that makes you care about them during the other 364 days of the year as well.

Get them their favourite snack 

Our Founder and CEO, Abdul Ahmed, shared with us how he remembers that his fiancée loves croissants. Therefore, whenever he is out and came across a cafe or bakery that sells croissants, he’d make sure to get one for her on the way back home.

Do you know what your significant other favorite snack is? Pick it up the next time you are on your way to see them. It is a simple and easy way to put a smile on their face and also show them you know them like the back of your hand.

Expressing through compliments

The best kind of compliments is the ones that come at us unexpectedly. We all know how satisfying it feels when someone goes the extra mile to drop us a “Hey great work man!” or when our partners randomly go “You look great today!” (Making you jokingly wonder if you look great every other day…) It’s these random compliments that could help put a smile on your partner's face, and that may be all they need to start their day on the right foot! 

Spending quality time 

Spending quality time together is also an expression of love. Don’t forget to take breaks and spend time with the people in your household. Sometimes we get use to the routine of working from home, that hinders us from remembering that quality time is different then just sitting in the same room together.

When a person gives you their undivided attention, or makes time to take a walk or do another activity together, they are expressing that you are a priority in their life. 

Another great idea could be taking a night off to play board games or even trying out the latest datenight game, which was created to help make relationships better through connection, adventure and experience. Now that sounds like a great way to get to know your other half better!

Checking in with them 

For some of us, expressing love may be checking in with friends and family. Don’t just ask them  how they are doing, but me more be specific. Ask them about how their lives has been going or if there has been a recent win in their lives they would like to celebrate. Caring and checking in with them could help them feel appreciate and valued beyond their circle.


Some of us express and feel love through gift-giving. Giving a favourite treat, or a handmade item is one way people demonstrate that they are thinking about you. We have the perfect gifts for him that you can read on our previous blog 9 Gifts For Guys Who Need A Little Tlc This Valentine's Day



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