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Article: Blogger Feature : Ashkan Hobian @ashhobian

Blogger Feature : Ashkan Hobian @ashhobian

Blogger Feature : Ashkan Hobian @ashhobian

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with an up and coming blogger in the men's style and fashion scene in Canada. Meet Ashkan Hobian, a fashion student, turned photographer, turned blogger who has really set his mark in the Toronto fashion community.
A quality that we personally look for in bloggers, and saw in Ash specifically, is the emphasis on his experiences. Experience has always been a big part of our own brand philosophy as the experience's of individuals and communities around us have helped shape Adesso into a true lifestyle brand.  

Ash has gained major traction in the past three years via his Instagram page @ashhobian and online blog.  Recently, Ash was one of seven lucky individuals to have the opportunity to travel to Mont-Tremblant to promote the new Acqua Di Gio cologne by Giorgio Armani and is also a brand Ambassador for TOPMAN Canada. So it goes without saying, Ash is making some serious moves in the Canadian fashion influencer community.  If you're ever looking for some great style inspiration, you must, and we say this seriously, MUST check out his style.

Here are some questions we had asked the creative blogger. 

What made you want to become a blogger? 
Ash: I actually started my Instagram to capture moments - the iPhone was my new way of creative expression. I mostly enjoyed documenting the clothes I would wear on a day to day basis or even the results of a new haircut. From there this new found “hobby” grew into a full time job that I couldn’t believe existed. So it kind of fell into my hands, and I absolutely love it. Content creation has allowed me to partner with innovators and brands that I never dreamed of working with, and the best part is that I not only get to meet these new creative minds but I get to explore new places. 

What inspires you? Where do you get your style influence from? 
Ash: I often find inspiration in daily observance and through my travels. Everyday I meet someone who exudes a new confidence which helps me with mine. Travelling allows you to witness and observe new cultures in multiple aspects including style. Every city has its own “vibe” for example, Los Angeles is very relaxed and that transcends in the way you dress, so maybe a white tee, a pair of white sneakers, and your most relaxed fit denim. When you look at New York City, you always want to dress to impress no matter where you go: boots, a fitted pant, and your best leather. As for Toronto I find it to be a mix of the two, and that's why I love it here. 

Give us a little background about who you are, and what is something that many people don’t know about you?
Ash: Well, I can start off by saying before all of this I was attempting to be the next Freddie Mercury! Music is my first passion. I took vocal lesson for about 8 years and learned the piano by ear. It’s still my passion but it is most definitely an expensive one. In the midst of figuring out my music I was in school for Fashion Arts, and that's where I was introduced into the world of blogging. 

What are some style tips you can give your readers? What’s your number one style advice?
Ash: Hmm, my number one style tip…if it looks weird and if it looks like something out of the ordinary then you’re doing something right. Style is most definitely the biggest form of expression and you should never be ashamed of what you chose to wear, because-well there is a reason why you chose it. Just stay true to yourself and let the chips fall in. There is no wrong way when it comes to fashion no matter what anyone says. 

What’s a goal you would like to achieve with this chapter?
Ash:Eventually, I do want to move onto building something from what I’ve got. Whether its in fashion, or if it echoes back to my music, I want to be able to create something of my own. Its still in question as to what it is, but only will tell. Until then I love what I do and I look forward to doing more. 

Some final words from Ash - "A huge thank you to everyone, I can't say it enough. There are so many doors that could lead to your own destruction, and I appreciate everyone that has kept me grounded. The support that I receive helps build a community around me, and a huge thank you for that". 

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