Collection: CARD HOLDERS

Adesso Cardholders

Not your average card holder. We like designing products that truly stand out.

High Quality Construction

We use only the best top grain cowhide for our leather products, as well as very durable thread, making sure this card holder will last.

Small Run Manufacturing

We are proud to make these items in small batches. This allows us to make sure the quality is perfect, and we use every bit of leather we have. Little is wasted.

Toothbrush product

Different Finishes

We offer different finishes for our leather products. Saddle leather has a beautiful waxy texture that will get better with age. Saffiano leather has a strong and durable feel, that will keep it looking new for a long time.

Slim & Modern

Gone are the days of having a bulky wallet. With the ability to add cards to your phone, there is no reason to be carrying a bulky wallet anymore.

Our cardholders are made of top grain leather and feature a slimmer profile that is perfect for everyday use.
They also have a luxury feel that will stand the test of time, and look better with age!