In the past couple of weeks, a lot of customers have been asking us about what products and techniques we recommend for shaving. A lot of men have issues with irritated skin, acne, and ingrown hair when they shave their faces. I'm going to be discussing a few useful tips and tried-and-true products to help with those issues. 

1. The number one mistake men make when shaving their face is poor preparation. Just simply washing your face and quickly applying shaving cream is not enough. Premature preparation does not give your skin enough time to clean and hydrate. It can take up to 3 minutes to properly prep your face. I know what you’re all thinking – “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Keep reading.

Begin by washing your face with warm water and use products specifically designed for your skin type. You want to use products that protect your skin from drying out and don’t strip away the natural oils from your skin – this will ensure your skin isn't agitated post-shave. A product that we highly recommend, from Peregrine Supply Co., is the Shave and Face Soap. It's an all-natural product that moisturizes and lubricants the face. Apply the lather onto your skin, and massage it in. Your goal should be to soften the skin and grains while hydrating. Click here to purchase Shave & Face Soap!
MEN WITH COARSER HAIRS?! Another great product you may not be aware of is a Pre-Shave Oil. This acts as a deep moisturizer which works to soften coarser hairs, skipping this step will result in ingrown hairs, agitated skin, and break-outs. Apply this on your skin 5 minutes before shaving, and watch it do wonders for your shave. Your shave will be much smoother with less pulling. Click here to purchase some Pre-Shave oil!

2. It is so important to have a reliable blade. If you’re having problems getting a close shave like myself, then switch over to an “old school” safety razor. If you've noticed recent trends, we’re moving back in time. We’re leaning towards the techniques and tools our grandparents used and for good reason. We carry this product online and in store. Click here!

When shaving your face, you should keep in mind the direction in which your hair grows – this is called the grain. Your hair will not be growing in the same direction across your face; it will be different in most cases. Note, the smoothest direction in which the hair grows is the direction you should be shaving. This helps with irritation and the godforsaken pain of a little cut. You all know what I’m talking about. A lot of people shave against the grain, but I would recommend doing so after you’ve passed the grain once to avoid any cuts. 

3. Another technique I was recently made aware of was the amount of pressure I apply when shaving. I know, right? All this time, I seriously believed the more pressure I put on my blade, the closer the shave. I know I’m not alone in this. This is where a gentle hand is needed. When shaving, the most efficient and safest way to apply the blade on your skin is by making sure it’s being cut across a flat surface. This can only be achieved by gently applying pressure to avoid any rivets or curvatures on your skin. 

4. The final step is applying an aftershave balm or tonic. It’s so important to treat your skin after a shave. I will always recommend using natural products on your skin. Use products infused with ingredients that help soothe and moisturize your skin. You also want to look for anti-inflammatory agents in an aftershave balm because they'll help heal and clean your skin. The two products I’ve used personally, and would highly recommend are the following balms by Peregrine Supply Co. and Baxter of California.

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