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Article: Getting into a Routine

Getting into a Routine

Getting into a Routine

Do you have a daily routine?

With the dry weather in Calgary during the summers, or for any season that matter, it is so important to have a daily routine that helps one feel grounded in the chaos. This is especially post stampede where most of us were probably caught up with the back to back performance on the Calgary Stampede grounds or even going for a handful of Stampede Breakfast (Who can say no to free pancakes!)

In addition to that, perhaps you have been finding yourself feeling tired lately, or easily agitated, and stressed A LOT. Some of us may even find ourselves doubting our potential and skills.

Here are some benefits in having a routine set up.

  1.  Reduce one’s stress level
  2.  Improve one’s sleeping patterns
  3.  Increases one’s productivity
  4. Allow one to have better time management to do things you care about

When Summer comes to an end and cold weather comes creeping in, it always gets harder for us to keep our moods up. To start practicing and maintaining the habit, I think it would be a great idea to get started with your routine as soon as you can!

We are excited to share some of our latest drop from our friends at Routine If you’re stuck with what products to incorporate into your routine, Adesso’s got you covered with our latest arrivals from Routine (the brand). To keep it simple and easy, we’ve got their natural soap, shampoo, and conditioner, all in the scent Dirty Hipster. 

Every product is locally made right here in Calgary, and packaged in FSC-certified boxes made in BC. Shipped directly from their warehouse at HQ to sustain local economy and lower the carbon footprint.

Read more about Routine and the brand here.


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