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Article: Photographer Curtis Desiatnyk talks inspiration, fashion, and his year ahead

Photographer Curtis Desiatnyk talks inspiration, fashion, and his year ahead

Photographer Curtis Desiatnyk talks inspiration, fashion, and his year ahead

Whether it’s DSLR, film, or his smartphone, Curtis Desiatnyk never leaves home without a camera, although you will usually find him with several. His images are a collection of his travels and the people he has met along the way. When he isn’t taking photos, Curtis is either working at the Mount Royal University — in risk management nonetheless — planning new creative projects, cataloging previous work, or spending time with his young daughter, who, we learned while on the set of Adesso Man’s SS2019 campaign, is his biggest source of inspiration.

“I have photographic inspirations but my daughter encourages me to be the best person I can be and that is pretty far-reaching. It impacts every aspect of my life, from my work to my relationships and the people I choose to surround myself with." 

Curtis’ photography is very much representative of who he is as a person. He shares snapshots of his life and the people in it, some friends others passing strangers, with honesty and integrity. His images are bold and compelling — each person and place has a story behind them. They grab your attention, they don’t shy away from the camera.

“I live my life as honestly and genuinely as I can. I want my actions and my creativity to positively contribute to others and the world around me. so I don’t put myself in situations that aren’t 100% authentic to who I am as a person — I guess that’s why I always feel comfortable in my skin.

The same can be said about his fashion sense. It is classic yet casual, simple yet elegant. There is a reason or story behind each piece in his thoughtfully curated wardrobe.

What is your oldest item of clothing?

A tee-shirt I got in junior high — it’s from the Murder Was the Case soundtrack.

“I know what I like and I don’t stray far from that. My schedule is pretty hectic so I don’t have a lot of time to spend shopping. I do most of it online. My go-tos are Nikes for my sports gear, Frank and Oak for basics, and Adesso for accessories.”

What is one thing you won't order online?

My suits. They are custom made. I think of them as investments — the price is worth the quality and I’ll wear them for years.

While he may not be a fashion dare-devil, Curtis is ready to step outside of his comfort zone creatively.

“My goal for the upcoming year is to continue to explore myself through my work — I need to constantly be growing and sometimes that doesn’t mean creatively but a lot of time it does.”

Curtis’ latest work explores travels from Europe to Tokyo, Japan this summer. You can see more on Instagram!


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