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Article: Blogger Feature: Jonathan Cavaliere

Blogger Feature: Jonathan Cavaliere

Blogger Feature: Jonathan Cavaliere

This is definitely a blog post that you do not want to skip out on! We have been looking forward to featuring menswear enthusiast, Jonathan Cavaliere, on the Adesso blog to learn more about his business and inspirations.

 Dubbed Canada’s Sharpest Man in 2012 by The Hudson’s Bay and the notable Sharp Magazine, Jonathan has left a lasting impression on the Canadian scene. As the founder of Mr. Cavaliere, an internationally recognized digital guide for the modern man, Jonathan has found remarkable success mixing both traditional media and blogging. With that success, he has added contributed writers to his digital publication. Read our full interview with Jonathan below: 

What made you want to become a blogger? 
I started to write my blog while I was attending Humber College for my Fashion Arts Diploma in 2011. I wanted to give men access to style advice that was easy to follow. I only really expected my friends to read it, but then I had people from the UK message me. Reaching an international audience really opened my mind to the possibility of blogging. In 2012, I won Canada’s Sharpest Man, and continued to work on my blog and my personal shopping services. This was the beginning – everything just lined up nicely for me.

What inspires you? What style trend are you feeling right now? 
I’m inspired by different aesthetics and interesting things I see on the streets. One thing I always noticed and am attracted to are things that don’t look perfect but are elegantly dishevelled. The latest style trend that I like is the idea of a suit and sneaker. It’s casual mixed with a tailored look, and I like the effect of the juxtaposition. 

What is something that many people don’t know about you?
Although I may have an open personality, I am a very private person even. It’s of course hard when your life is on full display on all these social platforms, but it’s something I can manage.

What are some style tips you can give your readers? What’s your number one style advice? 
Stick to the essentials! Essentials in menswear are so important, and you can still have fun with it. You can mess around with the accessories – like a great pair of sneakers or a bold pocket square. My motto is “essentials first, and accents later”.

What a pleasure to speak with Mr. Cavaliere. We know after reading about him, you would like to learn more about the moderns man guide to living a better life. Visit the digital guide by clicking here 


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