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Article: 5 of Our Favourite Local Businesses

5 of Our Favourite Local Businesses

5 of Our Favourite Local Businesses

Something special we have noticed over the years is how many amazing local businesses there are in Canada. In our hometown of Calgary alone, there are a plethora of creators, makers and entrepreneurs who are building incredible brands and fostering a wonderful community.

We count ourselves lucky to be among such distinguished businesses, and want to take a moment to share a few of our favourites.

Why support local businesses? 

But first, let’s acknowledge something we at Adesso feel incredibly passionate about: supporting local. Not only does supporting local businesses help fuel your town, city or even country’s economy, but it also enables you to buy products that are made with high-quality materials and meticulous care. Every sale counts for local businesses, which is why goods supplied by small-batch entrepreneurs are made to the highest standard.

Luckily, with the advancements in e-commerce websites, gaining access to these quality small businesses has never been easier. 

The benefits of shopping online:

Now more than ever, online shopping has become an integral part of the consumer and seller experience. For local entrepreneurs, online shopping is an accessible way to get their goods out to the world, help their brand grow and connect with customers.

Meanwhile, the ease, convenience and selectiveness of online shopping gives consumers even more control over the goods and services they choose to invest in. More and more consumers are choosing to support local businesses and the local economy.  

A few of our favourites:

These entrepreneurs should be high on your list to support, whether through investing in their outstanding goods or taking a moment to follow them on social media.

OKE Apparel

1. OKE Apparel, @oke.apparel

Founded in 2019, OKE Apparel’s exceptional boxers are designed to enable all men to live an active lifestyle in richness and comfort. We love how every inch of the brand’s carefully selected premium fabric has been constructed to give wearers an incomparable fit.

Photo by @_bmah.

Manday Grooming

2. ManDay Grooming,  @mandaygrooming

Powered by a passion for high-quality hemp and natural products, Manday Grooming founders Evan Ward and Shon Noda launched the brand in 2016. Something we admire about this brand is that each product is made in small batches, with a focus on instilling healthy acids, vitamins and nutrients to benefit the user’s hair and skin. 

 Shylo Victoria Fragrance

3. Shylo Victoria Fragrance, @shylovictoria

Shylo Victoria’s passion for hand-making cosmetics started at a young age. This fascination — coupled with discovering that many high-end perfumes are created with harsh chemicals and tested on animals — inspired her to develop what we think is a line of exquisite, long-lasting perfumes and colognes. As a bonus, all of Shylo Victoria's creations are paraben and cruelty free. 

Mammoth Beard Co.

4. Mammoth Beard Co., @mammothbeard

Lee and Lindsay began experimenting with making beard oils and balms in their kitchen in 2013. The overwhelmingly positive response to their creations from friends was a sure-fire sign that the pair should share their products with the world. In 2014, Mammoth Beard Co. was born. We admire how this company's commitment to quality has enabled them to grow and bring their inventions to customers around the world.

Joydrop YYC

5. Joydrop, @joydropyyc  

This one is for the wonderful women in your life. Inspired by founder Shashi Behl's goal to create a space where women can connect and celebrate the little things in life, Joydrop carries a collection of carefully selected designers, jewellery basics and array of accessories. We love that this company is dedicated to spreading joy. 

What are some of your favourite local makes, designers and retailers? Let us know in the comments below!

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