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Article: 2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day

2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, much less buy gifts for. As we take time to appreciate the Dad’s in our lives around this time of year, we at Adesso have taken the time to curate gift sets that every, or at least, most dads can implement in their daily routines. 

For the Bearded Dad

For the beard enthusiasts or those on a journey towards beardom, grab our Men’s Beard Gift Set $80 (save $30) to help Dad (and his beard) reach their full potential!

The Men’s Beard Gift Set includes the Peregrine Beard Box $50, which includes a 1. Face and Beard Soap to cleanse without causing dryness, a 2. Beard Oil to care for your skin and optimize growth, and 3. Beard Balm, to keep your mane soft, conditioned and under control. 

The gift set also includes a 3 Piece Beard Grooming Set $60, which comes with a sandalwood comb, bamboo brush, and silver stork scissors.

The Beard Box Care Set is the last word in complete beard care. The set contains everything that you'll need to keep your beard clean, comfortable and conditioned. If dad takes pride in their beard, this set will be a great addition to your beard grooming.

For the High Maintenance Dad

For the Dad who is not on a journey towards beardom, our Men’s Shaving Gift Set $120 (save $25) is the way to go. Functional and chic, this set will leave dad feeling fresh and pampered after every morning and or nightime routine. 

The Men’s Shaving Gift Set includes our Matte Black Safety Razor Set $99, the entry point into the world of luxury shaving. Made from high-quality zinc alloy and coated in a protective matte finish, each tool has an impressive weight that makes for a smoother shaving experience. 

Paired with the Razor Set, this gift bundle comes with Peregrine Supply Co’s Cooling Mint Shaving Cream $26 and Peregrine’s Cooling Mint Aftershave Tonic $20. Used together, the pair offers an exceptionally close and smooth shave and lends a cooling, anti-inflammatory quality to the aftershave.

For the On-the-go Dad

For dads who seem to always be on the go, gift our Men’s Travel Skincare Gift Set $199 (save $43) as a reminder of how much we care about them, no matter where they are.

For the face, this Bundle comes with the Peregrine Daily Exfoliating Face Wash $22 and Peregrine Ultralight Face Balm $19. The face wash is perfect for removing grime and dead skin for a smoother, brighter, complexion and is followed by the the balm to reveal soft, velvety skin that is not greasy or shiny.

For the body it comes with Peregrine’s Fortifying Body Wash $22.

The Men’s Hanging Black Leather Toiletry Bag $179 in this bundle takes the skin care routine one step further (quite literally), and gives dad the opportunity to take it wherever he may need to go.  

Does dad already have a bag for all their skincare? Upgrade the collection with our Face First Bundle $60 instead!

For the Relaxed Dad

Whether your Dad relaxes all the time, has relaxing time after work, or in desperate need of relaxation, our Men’s Essential Gift Set $65 (save $13) will help them kick back and relax. 

The Men’s Essential Gift Set includes one of Adesso Man’s Pacific Lodge Men’s Soy Candles to set the mood, and a matching set of a pair of Adesso Man’s Buffalo Plaid Socks and Devon + Lang’s Buffalo Plaid Underwear to get ultra-comfy. Not to mention the timeless pattern that will keep Dad feeling stylish for years to come.

But just in case it’s not quite the pattern you’re looking for, shop more from Devon + Lang here!

For the Classy Dad

Have a dad that likes to keep things classy? The Classic Men’s Gift Set is perfect for that entrepreneur dad that goes from home to office looking ever so stylish! This bundle consist of our very own Classic Money Clip Cardholder, Cufflinks, Tie clip and more!

And if you’re still unsure on what to gift dad, give a gift of endless possibilities with our Adesso Man Gift Card.

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