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Article: 2021 Spring Trends for Men

2021 Spring Trends for Men

2021 Spring Trends for Men

Does spring have an identity? I mean really? It's not as decisive as winter, not as carefree as summer, and not as refined as autumn. It goes just as quickly as it arrives and the back-and-forth between overnight freeze and midday thaw can make for a messy couple of months. Yet even as I type this, with each rising degree, I get more and more excited to pack away the winter coats and start dressing easier and breezier.

January 1st gets all the press about new beginnings, but spring is king when it comes to hitting the refresh button. With warmer days on the horizon, our shop is starting to fill up with bright and boldly refined pieces that match the optimism of this transitional season.

Our Top Trends

Monochromatic Fits

We all know casual dressing isn't going anywhere. One trend we are excited to see return this spring is the continuation of athleisure with matching crewneck pullovers and joggers in a single colour. This trend is comfortable and functional, so it will surely get a lot of wear this season as we stay working and playing from home. If you want to step this trend up a bit, we love layering a denim or puffy vest in the same tone to add visual interest and texture to the overall look. 

Elevated Casual 

While we're still spending a good deal of time at home, warmer weather means we can finally get outside, stretch our legs, and show off. Out-of-the-house outfitting is getting an upgrade for 2021, focusing on luxe fabrications, slim cuts, and elegant details. Look for a blend of high/low dressing for spring 2021, pairing breezy button-ups and light denim for a fresh take on the country club aesthetic. The key is in fit and tailoring, with a trend for a relaxed look that isn't overly baggy or too slim.

To take your outfit to the next level, add elevated accessories like a silk scarf and a leather loafer to balance out the modern yacht club vibe. 

Updated Dinner Date

Hopefully, with date nights back on the menu, we are seeing a focus on getting dressed for the occasion again. While daytime looks for spring 2021 are still keeping it somewhat low-key, nighttime is a whole different game. Dinner jackets, dress shirts, and trousers create an elegant and timeless look that is fit for any occasion. Make the look spring-ready, look for a tapered pant that you can pair with a high-shine dress shoe. 

Other Trends We Love

Statement Shirts

Men are having fun with fashion this spring and we love to see it. Bright colours and eye-catching prints are popping up on long and short sleeve shirts alike. Whether you opt to go all out in head-to-toe print, or temper the look by pairing a wide candy stripe with a classic tee and denim (pictured), this trend is a great way to show off your personality and add a bit of colour to your daily wardrobe.

Our pick: The Poplin & Co. Striped Shirt

Power Pastels

Spring 2021 is all about pastels with some attitude, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down as we head into summer. The biggest runways in the world all showcased their versions, featuring candyfloss-hues, powdery blues, dusty rose, desert sage, and more. There is no one colour palette that reigns supreme, so go ahead and choose the hues that look best to you. 

Our pick: Poplin & Co. Pineapple Short Sleeve

Heavy Metals

Statement accessories are having a huge moment for men in 2021. Heavy gauge chains, big rings, and bold cuffs add a double dose of eye-catching style to spring's more delicate fabrications and colour palette. Whether you go with warm gold, shining silver, or a moody pewter, the only rule with this trend is that metal is better. 

And don't be afraid to double, triple, or even quadruple up on how you accessorize this season. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Michael B Jordan are showing us that you don't have to go minimal when it comes to how much jewellery you layer on these days.

Our pick: Flat Head Ring in Gold

Fresh Florals

Cue the obligatory "florals for spring? Groundbreaking" comment. But you know what? It's a cliche because it works. And while florals are back in a big way this year, the look is more grounded and masculine that the dainty, small scale prints we were seeing in past seasons. With modern takes on the Aloha shirt, super-sized blooms, acid tone hibiscus, and 70s era wallpaper inspired prints popping up everywhere these days, this trend is anything but timid.

Our pick: Poplin & Co. Floral Short Sleeve

Utility Bags

Form and function in perfect harmony is a huge trend this season. Our accessories can't just look good. They need to take us from point A to point B with ease. Functional carry-alls, sleek cross-body bags, and oversized duffles in heavy-duty materials like leather and wax canvas give the structure and durability we need to get up and go this season.

Our pick: Adesso Man Leather Weekender

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