Given the weather right now, it sure doesn’t feel like we should be discussing spring and summer trends. With the amount of times I’ve yelled at mother nature , she’s probably going to make us suffer a little more. Sorry guys. With the weather changing every 10 minutes, we have a small window to showcase our spring/summer looks. SS18 MODE ON - let’s discuss the major go-to trends this spring and summer.


1 | TROPICAL PRINTS – When it comes to following fashion trends, the best way to find some inspiration for your wardrobe is to look around you. Nature is a beautiful thing; the inspiration is endless. Luckily, nature-oriented prints are always in style during the spring/summer seasons. Tropical prints were a massive hit on the runway this season - we would like to thank Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and Balenciaga for the revival of the Hawaiian shirts. Resurrect the old Hawaiian shirts you have hidden in your closets, and pair them with tailored dress pants or denim jeans. We love to focus on the smaller details in life, and that includes the smallest details on our outfits. We have these great tropical print cufflinks that you can add to your outfit. Click the link here! 


(Louis Vuitton - SS18 Runway)

2 | VERTICAL STRIPES – You will be noticing an abundance of stripes on the SS18 runways, and for good reason. Stripes are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, and it is something you will see come back year after year. Here is a tip for the short guys – vertical stripes will give off the illusion that you’re a little taller and slimmer. I’m not saying you’re going to look like Shaq, but I’m also speaking from experience and the shocked reactions of “did you grow?” from my friends. When you’re in your late 20’s there is no hope of a growth spurt, but this illusionary lie will give you some joy. Alright, back to the trends! Personally, the best way of pulling off this trend is to add a solid colored piece in the mix. You don’t want the look to be overbearing, but complimentary to your full look. Shown below is a look that anyone can pull off. . 


(J.Crew SS Campaign)


3 | TONE IT – You’re going to notice unified tonal dressing is the way to go this summer. For you one colour hoarders, this is your time to shine. It’s not a perceived to be a problem anymore, just simply trendy. Right? Yeah, let’s go with that. Do you love wearing blue? Wear all blue. One of the best looks I’ve seen off the runway is the pastel-coloured suits, with a complimentary matching shirt underneath. Check out the Spring 2018 collection by Haider Ackermann, Paul Smith, Prada and Acne Studios to name a few. This season is the best time to utilize your wardrobe. Are you looking for some solid ties to incorporate into your toned dressing? We have a couple of beautiful colours that you must check out! Click here!   

(Tods SS18)

(Tom Ford SS18)

4 | MILLENNIUM PINK - I know what you’re thinking and no, Paris Hilton did not pay us to write this. It’s the leading colour trend on the runways and amongst bloggers and street style enthusiasts. It’s not just a colour you wear on Wednesdays - (yes, that was a mean girls reference). Millennium pink is a great accent colour for your wedding ensemble and your street style swag. Yes, we used the term swag…who knew this day would come? One of my favourite looks is shown below with the pink bomber jacket paired with a nice blue denim jean. It’s casual, comfortable and trendy. 

(Express SS18 Campaign)
(Adesso SS18)


5 | RAD-DAD JEANS – DAD DENIM is back! Dad Denim doesn’t mean you sacrifice the fit and tailored hems for the sake of fashion. Having an excess amount of fabric at your feet is not trendy, and it probably won’t ever be. We’re talking about light washed denim with wide legged comfort - just a little more stylish than what we remember our dads wearing.
(Balenciaga SS18) 
(Tods SS18)


Now that you are up to date on all the go-to trends for this spring/summer season, hopefully the weather gets better and we can all pull out the Hawaiian shirts. 

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