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Article: 5 Tips to Help You Dress for (Virtual) Success in Your Zoom Interview

5 Tips to Help You Dress for (Virtual) Success in Your Zoom Interview

5 Tips to Help You Dress for (Virtual) Success in Your Zoom Interview

While Covid-19 has brought with it the “new normal” of working from home, it has also brought with it the era of the sweatpants.  

Yet, while it’s a rare day that sees you out of your joggers or pyjamas, one place where comfy clothes don’t belong is during your virtual job interview—at least, where comfy clothes don’t belong on your top half.

While you can continue to enjoy the comfort of working from home on your bottom half, your top half has to work twice as hard to make a good first impression over your Zoom interview. That’s why we put together these tips, so that you can put your best face forward while looking professional, appropriate and flattering for your virtual job interview. 

1. Match Your Attire for the Job You Want—Not the Circumstance You’re In

If your industry typically wears formal business attire—like a suit and tie—then that is what you should be wearing to your job interview. Alternatively, if your industry general dons’ business casual look—like dress chinos and a button-down shirt—then dress accordingly.

Just because we are spending more time at home doesn’t mean we should look like we are spending more time at home. A sweatsuit is never the right choice for a job interview, even if it’s 90% of what we are wearing right now.

We suggest looking your sharpest by starting with a bespoke suit from Fari Hara. Proper fit is more important than ever while on a Zoom meeting—as you are literally on camera.  Fari Hara’s custom tailoring is a worthwhile investment to help you look and feel your best.

2. Select the Right Necktie

Once you have your suit, having a necktie that compliments your suit and your features is key. Since we’re living in a remote work environment of business on the top, lazy Sunday on the bottom, it’s important to make the top half of your body go the distance for your job interview.

Consider one of our selections of 100% silk neckties. Our ties are between 3” and 3.15”—a size in between skinny and wide neckties that is flattering on everybody type. Additionally, our ties come in a range of patterns and colours. While you should be choosing less-busy patterns for your virtual job interview (more on that in the next tip), do pick a tie that accentuates your features—perhaps your hair or eye colour. This will help you pop on camera.

3. Wear Solid Colours

Solid colours are simply more flattering on-screen. While busy patterns may be fun for “real life,” they will only serve to distract from your face on screen. Since your prospective employer is relying on reading your facial expressions as opposed to being able to meet you in person, it’s important that your face is accentuated by your clothing rather than lost in it.

That said, stark colours like black and white may not be your best option either. These colours are crisp in the real world, but will be too drab on camera. Instead, choose neutral or jewel-toned colours, such as a navy suit with a light blue shirt and forest green tie.

Man in blue suit sitting in chair holding grooming brush.

4. Be Well Groomed

While this tip is also applicable for in-person interviews, it’s possibly even more important for a virtual interview. Whether you’re typically clean shaven or rock a glorious beard, be sure that your facial hair is on-point. Messy scruff or a five-o-clock shadow will make you look unkempt. While this is never a good look at the best of times, when most people are spending the majority of their days at home, poor grooming suggests you are not taking very good care of yourself. To a prospective employer, this may further suggest that you are not the right candidate for the job. 

Rather, consider using the Peregrine Supply Co. Shave Box—complete with a pre-shave oil, moisturizing shave and face soap and a bottle of soothing aftershave tonic. Or, to put your best beard forward, use Manday Grooming’s Beard Sauce to keep your facial hair healthy and soft looking.

5. Use Proper Skincare to Look Fresh and Well Rested

Showing up to your friends’ Zoom chat looking like you just woke up from a nap might be fine, but it’s definitely not appropriate for a virtual job interview. Remember, since you’re on camera the focus is going to be on your face. If you had a bad sleep because of job interview jitters, you don’t want that showing on your skin.

To prevent dark eye circles and to always look fresh on Zoom, use our Baxter of California Under Eye Complex. This nourishing eye cream uses caffeine and seaweed extracts to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while hyaluronic acid firms and hydrates—diminishing the look of fine lines.  

 6. Bonus Tip: Avoid Using Fake Zoom Backgrounds

According to this study in the Harvard Business Review, most people view seeing the room behind you as more trustworthy and authentic. While this does not mean you should be setting up your Zoom interview on your bed or in front of a pile of messy clothing, it does mean that you should be taking time to think about your environment and how that may impact how your prospective employer may view you.

In the same study, it found that 44% of respondents prefer seeing a wall of books or a bookshelf in the background, 34% thought framed art—such as photos and paintings—to be the best background and 17% wanted to see a larger room behind the speaker, showcasing personal items like furniture.

What was clear from the study is that virtual backgrounds—while they may seem innovative and fun to play around with—are not a good idea as they may make you look less trustworthy and inauthentic.

There you have it, our expert tips on how to dress for (virtual) success in your Zoom interview. What tips do you have for nailing your job interview from home? Let us know if the comments below!  

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