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Article: The Adessoman Guide to Relaxing

The Adessoman Guide to Relaxing

The Adessoman Guide to Relaxing

Caught in the summer mayhem? The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the season to kick back and relax is finally here. Whether you’ve got vacation or staycation plans, here are some of our suggestions on how you can optimize your free time, the Adessoman way.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Go on a walk in your neighbourhood or a hike in a park! Either way, getting in a daily dose of sunlight is scientifically proven to not only help your bones and teeth, but to also improve your mood. At our old location, a customer recommended that to take some Vitamin D supplements, since it had been dark and cloudy for the past couple weeks.

Of course nothing beats the natural source of the vitamin, and we encourage you to take advantage of the sun while it’s out.

At Home Spa

Give yourself a clean shave or trim, take a nice long bath or shower, turn on a diffuser and some mood lighting. Maybe even throw on a face mask before watching your favourite TV show. If you’re not much of a show-watcher, getting comfy before a gaming session does the same trick.

To build your at home spa, try our Peregrine Supply Co. Bonsai Citrus Body Wash, Peregrine Supply Co. Atlas Beard Oil, or our Mammoth Warthog Beer Soap.


Treat yourself!

Positive self talk is one way you can treat yourself on a daily basis. But if you’re getting ready for a real Adessoman relaxation, here are two ways you can really give yourself a treat.

Treat Yourself to a New Closet Staple

Of course, hotter weather calls for some new, breezier, staples. Regardless what the purpose of the purchase is, our new Poplin and Co button downs are perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

Feel like upgrading your go-to essentials? Check out our latest Milo and Dexter collections here.

Photos taken from @PoplinandCo and @miloanddexter on Instagram.

Treat Yourself to some Good Food

Satisfy your cravings with some eats from a local restaurant! Whether you decide to indulge and get those fries you’ve been wanting all week, grab a well made salad that you don’t have to do any prep or wash the dishes for, or enjoy a medium-rare steak with your partner, the choice is yours!

For our local Calgarians, our personal favourites for some good eats are: Ikusa for some Japanese Izakaya, OEB Breakfast Co. for brunch with friends, and Cravings Market Restaurant for a unique, market-style restaurant experience.

Here at Adesso we always encourage our community to become the best versions of themselves. By looking their best and feeling their best, and by allowing yourself to relax, we hope to build a group of men who are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. Happy relaxing and don’t forget to shop local!

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Header Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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