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Article: Adesso's 2022 Summer Essentials

Adesso's 2022 Summer Essentials

Adesso's 2022 Summer Essentials

Ahhhh, Summer. Whether you’re packing for a vacation in the tropics, a weekend getaway, or an outfit for a drink at the beach or on a patio, we’ve got some season essentials you might want to pack or look out for if they’re not already in your closet. 

Having these pieces will guarantee a seamless outfit dressing experience every morning and will prove to be a solid summer staple for this year and years to come.

Linen Everything!

Linen is THE way to keep cool on a hot Summer’s day. Linen absorbs moisture and dries quickly, so this material is worry and sweat free.  Like the classic button down shirt, linen button downs are a classy and easy way to complete an outfit. 

Brown slacks, a linen button up and you’re done!

Need an even breezier look? Do a full linen set. Linen shorts, linen button up. It’s as simple as that. 

We at Adesso are loving Everlane’s line of linen products, from their Standard Fit Short Sleeve to their Linen Camp Tee, these shirts will keep you feel cool and breezy throughout the Summer.



We say ‘all caps’ but I assure you, keeping one of these in your closet will be perfect to throw onto any casual outfit for a pop of colour, design, and Summer fun! 

Our Nice Hat Icebreaker Charcoal Cap, Nice Hat Forever Cool Tan Cap, and

Nice Hat Trailmix’r Blue Cap are essentials in any man’s closet, and if graphics aren’t your vibe, any solid colour cap will do just fine. 

‘Brace’ yourselves for the heat!

The icing on top to a great closet is to have great accessories. When in doubt, accessorize! Necklaces make a huge appearance during the Summer, with half buttoned shirts and lighter colours and fabrics, and help tie an outfit together. 

Oftentimes we may get dressed and feel like some thing is missing. In colder months like Autumn and Winter, we can layer with thicker pieces to add more depth in an outfit. But in the warmer months in Spring and Summer, layering accessories is the way to go.

Bracelets, like necklaces, offer a contrasting texture to the fabric of your clothing and add depth. To really elevate your look, we’d suggest our Tigers Eye Split Bracelet. For those into silver jewelry or cooler tones, we’d suggest our Grey Jasper Split Bracelet.

Matching Prints Are Here to Stay

Talk about making a summer statement! The short sleeve button down is a Summer favourite, whether it be the tropical patterns with vibrant colours, or the breezy white short sleeve that’s perfect to repel any strong heatwaves that may come your way. 

Before we go any further with the blog, if you don’t already have one, we heavily recommend you pick up one of these for yourself over the Summer, as they are an easy top to throw on with any bottoms while still looking, breezy, casual, comfortable, and very much put together. 

You know our team at Adesso got you covered with our  latest drop from Poplin & Co.


Once you’ve got that in your closet, and to be one step ahead of the game, the button down polos, or short sleeve button down with thicker material has been quite the show stopper this season. For a more formal look, pick up a more tight fitting size to wear with your favourite khakis. Or for a more casual look, throw a larger fitting size overtop a white sleeveless or tshirt for an easy, beachy, look.

Go ahead, shop the look and make a Summer Statement here

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