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IFSSA Food Hamper Donation

IFSSA Food Hamper Donation

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IFSSA, in partnership with the Edmonton’s Food Bank, offers Halal food hampers to all those in need, regardless of religious affiliation. The food in the hampers meets Islamic dietary criteria: meat products are slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines and food items are free of alcohol and pork products/byproducts. We also do our best to ensure that our food hampers include items that help sustain our clients’ regular dietary customs, including rice, flour, lentils and oil.

IFSSA’s Essential Needs program provides support, resources and assistance to the most vulnerable individuals in our community. The program focuses on ensuring that clients’ immediate essential needs are met. Working alongside various organizations and agencies within Edmonton, like the Edmonton Food Bank, the Essential Needs program provides clients with halal food hampers, access to a monthly legal clinic, school backpacks, computers and phones, and access to resources within the Edmonton community that can assist clients in meeting their needs.

A regular IFSSA Hamper includes: Chicken, Red Lentils, White Beans, Chickpeas, Cooking Oil, Flour, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Cereal, Rice plus an additional abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, bread, pastries, and other goods that community members and organizations donate.

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