Manday Grooming C4 Beard Sauce

$ 25 CAD

A blend of cold-pressed natural oils to moisturize your beard and skin. Beard Sauce contains loads of vitamins, amino acids, and high quality oils to soften your beard and make it smell great so you are ready for close encounters. Non-greasy, fast absorbing, with a treatment-pump dispenser so you won't miss a drop! Enjoy the combination scents of Cognac, Cigars, Ceaderwood and Coffee. 


  • Step 1: Apply 1 pump of sauce per in of beard length into the palm of your hand

  • Step 2: Rub hands together to warm and spread the sauce

  • Step 3: Rub on beard and mustache area in all directions to completely coat and massage the sauce into hairs

  • Step 4: Let dry for a few minutes, smell good, oh yeah

Handmade. Manmade. In Canada.


Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils