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Routine Nourishing Conditioner - The Class

Prix de vente$33.00

NOURISHING CONDITIONER by Routine x The Class (@theclass)

Cleansing your crown, singing sounds in the shower. Awareness in Amyris, orris for power. Tonka to regenerate, jasmine to repair. Nourish your senses, nourish your hair.


Purify | Soothe | Protect | Hydrate
Formulated to be used as a pair with The Class Nourishing Shampoo.COLOUR SAFE | BOTANICALS | VEGAN | REFILLABLE | NO SLS OR PARABENSMade with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, in The Class custom scent, this conditioner nourishes your hair for silky, soft, and strong locks.

This blend was carefully created to deliver a subtle yet notable scent. Bold with a gentle finish. Modern sensibility with hints of ancient wisdom. Tonka bean as the top note lends a slightly sweet, energetic aroma. Amyris in the middle for a deep, sultry smokiness along with ambrette seed diffusing a gentle (plant based) musk. Rounded off with the aromatic and wise incense-like scents of sandalwood and precious orris root. Each of the powerful essential oils in the shampoo and conditioner that make up this functional scent have their own roles within the product:

Orris: Clearing, helps retain moisture and elasticity, keeps hair soft and helps hair grow longer, provides shine, cleans scalp and purifies skin.
Jasmine: Antibacterial, protects scalp and hair from stressors, restores and hydrates.
Tonka: Powerful antioxidant, helps treat irritation.
Amyris: Effective treatment of dryness, valerianol and eudesmol are antioxidants found within amyris that helps improve overall skin health and fight irritation, detoxifying.
Deeply nourishing for great hair manageability, instant conditioning, reinforces strands for improved strength. Natural, sustainable, and paraben free. 

Other key ingredients: 

Hydrolyzed Quinoa: Improves style and body of hair, creating a scaffolding around hair to protect strands and create more vibrant concentrated color. Enhances shine for healthier looking hair. 

100% Made in Calgary, even the flask made of repurposed food-grade plastic!

TRIFECTA OF USE: Save a bottle and trip to the store by using this as a shaving cream & leave-in treatment.

Routine Nourishing Conditioner - The Class
Routine Nourishing Conditioner - The Class Prix de vente$33.00