Peregrine Supply Co. Shave Box Care Set - Cooling Mint Grooming Supplies Peregrine Supply Co
Peregrine Supply Co. Shave Box Care Set - Cooling Mint Grooming Supplies Peregrine Supply Co

Peregrine Supply Co. Shave Box Care Set - Cooling Mint




Our Shave Box Care Set contains everything you need to get a close, comfortable shave every time.

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Box Includes:

  • A bottle of Preshave Oil, to prep and protect your skin. 
  • A bar of Shave and Face Soap to lubricate and moisturize your skin. 
  • A bottle of Aftershave Tonic, to finish the routine and keep your skin looking and feeling its best 
  • Made in Canada

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Step 1: Preshave Oil

Combining deep moisturization, protection and added lubrication, our Preshave Oil will work to soften coarser hairs that can becoming ingrown, add another layer of protection and lubrication, and deeply moisturize. This can lead to a more efficient shave with less pulling, less sensitivity and less irritation

Step 2: Shave & Face Soap

A more skin friendly alternative to synthetic shave creams, our shave soap will lubricate and protect you skin, without stripping excess oil from the skin to curb irritation. Bentonite clay adds slip to the lather, and colloidal oats protect and soothe the skin.

Step 3: Aftershave Tonic

Featuring Witch Hazel, Olive Leaf Extract, Lanolin, Jojoba, Vitamin B5 & Seaweed Extract. This tonic reduces inflammation, disinfects, is antimicrobial, moisturizes, heals, and leads to softer, healthier, toned skin.

Step 4: Feel Great

Now that you have used all the products in the shave box, you can rest assured your skin is taken care of. Now just sit back, relax, and let the compliments come in.

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