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Chocolate Brown Leather Ratchet Belt

Chocolate Brown Leather Ratchet Belt

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Buckle Style

Our premium leather belt’s unique ratchet design fits a diverse range of body types. This belt functions without holes. Simply slide the belt through the loop and pull the end to tighten. When it’s time to unbelt, all you have to do is pull the buckle to release. 

The hole-free design means less wear and tear, giving you added durability and longevity


1.25" Wide Genuine Leather belt with synthetic coating.

Metal Alloy Buckle


Fits up to a size 36 waist. Cut down for smaller sizing.

How to Adjust:

Lift the clasp on the back of the buckle.

Measure your belt to size. Make sure the measurement is correct based on your waist size.

Use a pair of scissors to cut the belt. Make sure to only cut the end that was connected to the buckle and not to cut too much as you cannot make it longer once it is cut.

Reinsert the belt into the buckle and close the clasp.

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