Double Edge Razor Blades

$ 9 CAD
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We stock a few different brands of amazing double edge razor blades.



Feather Hi-Stainless - 10 Pack: These blades are the best in Japanese blade manufacturing. This is the sharpest and most durable blade we sell. Featuring surgical grade stainless steel, these blades will easily become your favourite.

Gillette Nacet - 10 Pack: These are amazing blades, and are surprisingly tough to come by in stores. These brilliantly crafted stainless steel blades are made in Saint Petersburg, and are not only sharp, but also give a very smooth shave. 

Derby Extra Super Stainless - 5 Pack: These blades are great and very cost effective. They feature a chromium-ceramic platinum tungsten polymer coated edge which is not only a long winded tongue twister, but also a durable coating, which gives a smoother shave. If you are looking for a smoother shave, these are the blades for you. Made in Turkey.

Gillette 7 O' Clock Super Stainless - 5 Pack: These blades are a classic. While these blades might not be as sharp as the Nacets, they are known for giving a very smooth shave. They are also very durable and cost effective. You cannot go wrong with these blades.

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