The Face First Bundle
The Face First Bundle
The Face First Bundle
The Face First Bundle
The Face First Bundle
The Face First Bundle Sets Peregrine Supply Co

The Face First Bundle


It's time we put our faces first. Taking care of our skin is important, so we work with amazing local companies to bring the best to you. Peregrine curated an incredible line of skincare products that removes dead skin, brightens your complexion, exfoliates and hydrates your skin. Add this bundle to your daily self-care. 


This bundle includes the following 3 bottles


1) Exfoliating Face Wash - Fortified with Canadian Glacial Clays and fruit-derived AHA's our Exfoliating Face Wash is perfect for removing grime and dead skin for a smoother, brighter complexion.

2) Daily Utility Toner - Combining the work of a mild cleanser, exfoliant, oil-free hydration and skin serum. Use after cleansing to remove the last of any dirt and grime from your face, rebalance your skin's natural pH, and help your skin absorb actives from the toner itself, as well as any products that follow.

3) Ultralight Face Balm - Meant to be exceedingly light and quick absorbing, our Ultralight Face Balm is almost weightless on the skin. The balm dries down to reveal soft, velvety skin that is not greasy or shiny.


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