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Article: Sweater Season - The Top Picks of the season.

Sweater Season - The Top Picks of the season.

It’s sweater season, which means, its boyfriend season. Gents, it’s time to pull out the cozy sweaters and remind our partners that we have what it takes to be their man. From Gary Grant to James Dean and Don Draper, all the biggest style icons have turned sweater season into a lasting legacy without ever compromising on comfort. Let’s discuss the go-to sweater trends of the season.

First and foremost, because of its functionality and warmth, is the Chunky Knit Sweaters. You’re guaranteed to stay warm and cozy throughout the coldest of winter days, and of course, relay that heat over to someone in need. Check out David Beckham, a modern gentleman, casually rocking a knit sweater. 

The Cable knit sweater is another classic. This beautiful pattern imitates a 2 stranded rope being wrapped around each other. The thicker patterns create a three-dimensional texture which instantaneously elevates the sweater into a statement garment. One of the popular cable knit sweaters is the fisherman style available on L.L Beans.

The adesso team is always trying to find ways to elevate man's everyday style. We could stick to sweaters and cardigans in classic colors and patterns, but let’s talk about how we can stand out from the rest of the crowd. One of the top trends of the season is Wavy Psychedelic sweaters, which has given the classic knitwear a contemporary makeover. This is the perfect sweater to give your look a vibrant flair. Acne Studios has released a solid collection of wavy psychedelic sweaters that easily elevate your style. Click here to check out their sweaters!

The Tennis sweater isn't just for the court anymore  it has made it's way to the runways and into the style guides of fashion enthusiasts! The tennis sweater is a knitted pullover with coloured bands along the v-neckline. This sweater is perfect for layering and accessorizing with a tie or scarf. The diagonal collars on the tennis sweater give your shoulders and overall frame a broader and more masculine look. This versatile sweater not only looks good over preppy ensembles but also over denim jeans and slim chinos. In the images below, you're going to notice this trend being worn by a Hollywood classic, Gary Grant, to one of the leading modern men today, Dev Patel, for GQ. 

We can’t forget about the number one trend this year the turtleneck sweater! What was once known to us as children as a vintage embarrassment is now considered the saving grace when it comes to easygoing attire for winter. When worn and styled correctly, this iconic piece can give you some serious retro vibes but with a modern flair. The turtleneck also adds more versatility to your looks because it can be work with slim chinos, denim pants, or with top-notch formal attire. 

The go-to sweater for our casual friends is the simple yet classic crewneck sweater. You can definitely pair this sweater with a collared shirt underneath, but for your overall comfort, the best way to style it is with a t-shirt. The collars on a crew-neck sit neatly on the base of your neck which leaves very little room for a t-shirt to pop out and be visible. As you all know, we're all about supporting and working with local brands. Our friends at Local Laundry have an amazing collection of crewneck sweaters that you definitely have to check out. 


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