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Article: Adesso Man's Fall Playbook: Reviving the Suit

Adesso Man's Fall Playbook: Reviving the Suit

Adesso Man's Fall Playbook: Reviving the Suit

Even before the pandemic flipped our worlds upside down, menswear enthusiasts had been debating the status of formality for years. There has never been a collective answer as to whether or not suiting is dead. Still, with office dress codes growing laxer, especially during the era of video meetings (when all that matters is what's visible from the waist up), it really seemed like those in favour of sweatshirts and jeans were finally going to have their way. However, we, and countless designers on the 2020 runways, are considering a stay of execution for suiting for the foreseeable future. 

The Many Expressive Possibilities of Tailoring 

Though the more traditional sense of office spaces has come to an end, the options for tailoring are growing ever more expressive. After all, dress codes are only as rigid as those who interpret them, and the same can be said for suiting.

Chris Paul, arguably one of the most stylish NBA players, doesn't care about dress codes. At this point, the hoodie and blazer combo is a classic pairing but we love how Paul went the extra step with sweatpants AND a pocket square. 

The suit harness! A trend we have talked about before but needed to stan one more time. Though it has been slow to catch on, strappy suiting for men, which was arguably started by Michael Jackson during the Super Bowl of '93, adds an extra bit of flair to the standard suit. Regardless of whether or not people like it, they will talk about it. 

Gone are the days of ironing your dress shirt into crisp perfection before donning your two-piece suit. Streetwear has transformed the suit into casual wear, rather than Sunday best. Wear your suit loose with your favourite sneakers or fitted with a belt and an every day basic tee. Heck, you can even throw on a baseball cap for super lax, NYC fashion week vibes. 

At this point, if you're going to suit up, why not have fun with it? Rather than investing in the standard black or pinstripe suit, go a little wild with a lush fabric like velvet or silk. 

We especially love this blazer/pullover hybrid from Balmain's AW 20/21 collection, paired with shades and sandals for the ultimate #WFH vibes. 

It's evident that Harry Styles is making a name for himself as a style icon, though not without his fair share of controversy, and if he's still wearing neckties, then they're not even close to deceased. 

Neckties also transcend gender, making them a stylish accessory to any outfit, no matter how formal or informal. Tuck your tie into a sweater vest, pair it with a jean jacket, or layer one underneath a short-sleeve Cuban-style button up. Don't feel pressured to match the colours or patterns with the rest of your outfit's palette. Go as loud or as monotone as your heart desires. Like we said, the rules of suiting are no more! Except for tailoring...this isn't the wild west after all. 

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