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Article: Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for a man during the holiday season can be an intimidating task, but we’re here to help! 

Here’s our Adesso Man 2022 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide. 

Best All-time Gifts

  1. $60 Detox Face Boxes 
  2. $55 Peregrine Supply Beard Box
  3. $55 Peregrine Supply Co. Cooling Mint Shave Box 
  4. $55 Peregrine Supply Co. Tea Tree Lavender Shave Bo
  5. $99 Silver Shaving Set
  6. $48 Classic Money Clip Card Holder
  7. $89 Shylo Victoria Fragrances
  8. Starting at $70 C4 Cologne by Manday
  9. $26 Classic Sock Bundle
  10. $34 D + L Underwear

Wardrobe Staple Gifts

  1. $55 Adesso Man Bamboo T-Shirt 
  2. $118 Flannel Foxes Fleece Jacket
  3. $50 Varsity T-Shirt
  4. $118 Local Laundry Varsity Hoodie

Gifts to show them you really love them


  1. $505 Briston Watch
  2. $379 Adesso Messenger Bag
  3. $179 Adesso Toiletry Bag
  4. $149 Adesso Travel Holder

Stocking Stuffers

  1. $25 Peregrine Beard Oils Park Ranger
  2. $10 Manday C4 Soap
  3. $38 Routine Nourishing Dream Cream - The Class
  4. $24 Peregrine Utility Toner
  5. $20 Peregrine Aftershave Cooling Mint
  6. $26 Peregrine Tea Tree, Sandalwood & Lavender Shaving Cream
  7. $10 Peregrine Shave and Face Soap
  8. $10 Peregrine Beard and Face Soap
  9. $29.99 Mammoth Beard Balms
  10. $40 Silver Black Circular Cufflinks
  11. $40 Agate Tigers Eye Bracelet

Unsure how to put a gift together? This year we’ve handpicked a range of locally curated gift sets that will be available to shop from on November 25th. 

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Box For Him 

$80 Essentials Box 1

  • 2 Adesso Socks
  • 2 Devon + Lang UW 

 $110 Essentials Box 2

  • 2 Tees (Adesso or Milo)
  • 1 Devon + Lang UW

$110 Fashion Box

  • Adesso Ratchet Belt (any colour any buckle)
  • Any 2 Adesso Socks
  • PS Make me Famous Bow Tie (or sub for an Adesso Wallet or Cardholder) 

$90 Shower and Shave Box

  • Peregrine All Natural Shave Cream
  • Preshave Oil
  • Aftershave
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

$160 Smell Good Feel Good Box

  • C4 100 ml cologne $120 ea.
  • C4 Body soap $10 ea.
  • Routine Super Star Body Cream $38 ea
  • Adesso Mahogany teakwood Candle $30 

Can’t wait for the 25th? We’ll be sending our subscribers an EARLY ACCESS link through our newsletter! All you have to do is head to our home page here, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER"!

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