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Article: Giving Back

Giving Back

Giving Back

It’s that time of the year - a time for gathering with our friends and family and spending quality time together. Whether it is cozying up to your kids to watch Christmas movies or catching up on your Netflix films with your partner, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by our love ones. It is also during these times that we should also think about those who don’t have the means to receive gifts or have someone special to spend the holiday season with.

With that in mind, we want to remind our community to give back to those who may not have it as easy as we do. Here are a few unique ways you can give back this holiday season.

Check in with your love ones & host them for Christmas dinner

Know of someone that will be spending the holidays alone? With the travel restriction lately, perhaps you have a friend who is unable to get back to his hometown to visit their family for the holiday season. Check in with them to see how they are coping and perhaps even invite them for Christmas dinner. 

Volunteer at homeless shelters

While homeless shelters may already be on your mind for the holiday season, it is in the forefront of giving for a reason. Shelters get flooded during the holiday season, especially with the colder weather in Calgary! Taking a couple in between to donate your time can mean the world to your local shelters.

Leftovers from Christmas dinner? Put it in containers or make a turkey sandwich and give it to the homeless. That way they get to enjoy the Christmas spirit as well. Like this video we stumbled upon on instagram by Trusted Gary.

Here are some homeless shelters you can volunteer at: The Mustard Seed , Calgary Drop-In Centre, Calgary Women's Shelter, Inn from the Cold. Here is a list from google maps of areas that maybe around you.

Donate Toys 

Toy donations are another great way to give back to the community. Go through last year's collection of toys with the little one and see which sets can be donated. Many businesses or offices can also help provide a way to donate toys to children around the holidays. Reach out to them and find ways to donate to them. 

Here is a list of organizations you can call up to see if they are still accepting donations.

Monetary Donations

For some of us, the holidays are hectic trying to get everything done before the new year. If time is of the essence, another form of giving back could be as simple as donating to a charity. If you’re a business owner, use this season to give back a percentage of your profits to perhaps a charity that is close to your heart. By giving back during the holidays, you offer hope for those who need it most. 

One small act or gesture goes a long way into giving someone an unforgettable Christmas. From all of us at Adesso, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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