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Article: Dadpreneurs Talks

Dadpreneurs Talks

Dadpreneurs Talks

We all know what it's like to be a dad. Or, do we? 

As we take some extra time to appreciate the dads around this time of year, to truly understand what it’s like to be a dad, we’ve taken some time to interview five local dads, actually, Dadpreneurs, to see what being a dad and entrepreneur is really like. We have also curated Father's Day gift bundles that are perfect for any and every dad out there!

Dadpreneur #1: Finding Balance

YYC Dads

Meet Tyler McCombs, Founder of Devon & Lang and father to, well, Devon & Lang! As both a father and founder, here’s what he has to say. 

"As an entrepreneur and founder of Devon + Lang, it can be really easy to focus solely on your business without much regard for everything else that is going on around you. 

Having kids and a family has really helped me find more balance in my life. My wife and daughters are my world, and are the reason why I am doing this work. That new outlook has been a real blessing to have.”

Have a loving Father who already has everything? We can't help but think the Men's Essential Gift Set will be the perfect gift to show him your appreciation!

Dadpreneur #2: A New Mission

To the second dad we interviewed, Jarred Kotkas, the Franchise Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp, we asked:

What is your favourite thing about being a father?

“I would say my favourite thing about being a father, beyond all the joy our daughters smiles and giggles bring me, is the change in life's purpose I now feel.

 It has given me a purpose beyond myself. My goals for life have shifted to providing for her. My mission is to give her the best possible life I can.”

We all know that our dads have a kind heart when looking after and putting us first, so why not get him our Men's Shaving Gift Set. That way, always ready to be a super (good-looking) dad at home and on the go!

Dadpreneur #3: A Clear Mind 

Balancing a family, business, and personal life isn’t easy, and finding time to take care of yourself might prove itself difficult. Tanner Calistenia, the Founder of Canadian Virtual Tours, tells us about his form of self-care. 

“Exercise, physical activity and sleep play a huge part in my self-care routine. I am not much of a reader or into yoga and meditation, but I have found that working out, boxing, basketball, etc are all great ways to enjoy myself so I can refocus on what's important. 

Anything that gets the endorphins flowing, helps keep my mind and body prepared. This also helps decrease my stress levels so I can better run Canadian Virtual Tours and meet the challenges and problem solving that may come up, head on. But mostly it helps me keep a clear head to take on the ever-changing challenges and joys of being a husband and a father.”

Here at Adesso, we have curated a Father's Day bundle to help dad ensure he stays on top of his self-care. Our Men's Beard Grooming Gift Set is the ultimate gift set for the bearded man. It has all the essentials a man would need to protect, maintain and groom his most prized possession.  

Dadpreneur #4: Keeping It Real 

At this point you must be thinking to yourself, how does someone manage all these things? I’ve never done this or I can’t see myself being this type of person! Well, Joshua Perdue, the Franchise Owner of Exit Escape Rooms in Nanaimo says this:

Sometimes when we know the right thing to do and we know that God is watching, we imagine that he isn’t really paying attention, or we “ignore” him. But our children do not let us get away with that. They tap me on the shoulder, and I must remain authentic to my children. This helps me to remain authentic to myself and God in everything I say, do and think.”

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Dadpreneur #5: Wise Words from Dad

And to sum it all up, we asked Musap Abdelhag, Founder of Struggle is Your Success, this question: 

What is the legacy you want to leave behind to your children? (And to us!)

Here is what he had to share:

  1. It’s okay to make mistakes, just learn from it.
  2. Always help the vulnerable.
  3. Continue to self educate

Dad always leaves us with some of the most valuable lessons with us throughout life. What better way to thank him, than to shower him with our Classic Men's Gift Set.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about these 5 dads and their take towards fatherhood.

We've curated 5 gift bundles for Father's Day. Starting from $65, each option contains daily essentials to help your pop feel and look his very best. 

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