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Article: Catching up with Mick Reaman of Calgary's Espy

Catching up with Mick Reaman of Calgary's Espy

Meet Mick, the marketing manager behind espy — one of Calgary's most beloved boutiques that specialize in Canadian-designed goods and A+ customer service — and one of the best-dressed people we know. Mick's personal fashion is inspired by the everyday dress of men in 1950s and 60’s America.⠀⠀

"I like to put my own interpretation on these timeless looks. I guess you could say that I’m very old school and appreciate the traditional elements of tailoring and fit. To me, looking cool doesn’t necessarily mean avant-garde."

But when it comes to guilty pleasures, Mick can't let go of his patched-up Hugo Boss shawl collar cardigan.

"It's old and tattered but for whatever reason, I can’t get rid of. It might be one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever owned. For now, until I discover its replacement I’m holding on to it."

We wanted to learn more about what inspires Mick to live his best possible life so we sat down for a quick chat.

When you aren't working, what does your daily life consist of? 

I love to cook. I’d like to think that I’m a fairly accomplished home chef. Right now, I’m at a point where if I eat out I am really comparing the food against what I can do at home. I guess you could say that when I go out to eat, I go out for inspiration for something I can create in my own kitchen. I am one of those people that is generally interested in everything but there are areas where I get myopic. Anything pertaining to fashion, architecture, music, and baseball has my full attention. Oh, and I should probably add my full-blown golf addiction to that list!

What are your top shopping destinations?

I wouldn’t say that I am a frequent shopper at any place other than the grocery store and the gas station. In terms of fashion, I’ll shop anywhere that carries Eton shirts. Some of my favourite shops are O’Connor’s, Rob Rae Clothiers, Kent of Inglewood, and adesso. When adesso asked me to be a part of this campaign it was an easy decision. Abdul, Ayaz, and Lucas exemplify the values that I respect in the brand they’ve created. I shop adesso because it’s unique, affordable and local.

What does it mean to be your true, authentic self and what core values shape your life? 

Being authentic is behaving and acting, in the same manner, you would around your family, your friends, your colleagues and when you’re by yourself. This is my truth: I give a voice to my values through my actions towards others. I do not react to situations, I create them. I instill trust and always try to act as a beacon of reason, humility, integrity, and wisdom to all those I interact with. I am an authentic person who wants to learn and grow by empowering others through the motivation of humour, respect, and leadership. My #1 core value is integrity. Integrity, together with competence equates to excellence in every facet of life. 

Where do you find your inspiration and motivation?

I am motivated and inspired by those I care for the most: my family, my girlfriend and my colleagues. The thought of someone else’s believing in me and what I’m doing not only holds me accountable but it pushes me to elevate myself to become better.

One last question, what are your top three tips for living the best life you possibly can? 

  • Be yourself. Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
  • Whatever you’re doing, do it with conviction and to the best of your ability.
  • Dress well.


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