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Lucas Anderson is a co-founder of Adesso, as well as the VP of Operations. He recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Computer Science. Lucas can't make it through the day without caffeine, music, and some quiet time to unwind. 

How did you become a part of the Adesso founding team? 

Before starting Adesso, I was a full-time student at the University of Calgary. I originally studied Biological Sciences, but after two years I switched to a degree in Computer Science. I worked at Guess throughout my four years of school, and that is how I met Abdul. We immediately hit it off and were always talking about how we were going to start our own company together. Near the end of my degree, we both (along with Ayaz) decided to quit our jobs to seriously pursue Adesso. 

Did you ever imagine yourself owning your own business, and what have been some of the biggest hurdles and successes so far? 

If you told me four years ago that I was going to start my own business one day, I wouldn't have believed you. My initial plan was to finish my degree and start my career as a programmer. But when I sat down and really thought about it, I realized I didn't want to keep working under other people. I wanted the freedom of running my own company and not having a boss watching over my shoulder. 

One of the biggest hurdles was actually starting the business because none of us had ever done it before. We had to learn everything quickly including our product offerings, designs, manufacturers, and web development. Although this was definitely one of our biggest hurdles, I also consider it to be one of our biggest successes. I love our designs and am really proud of how far we have come. 

When did your interest in fashion begin, and how would you describe your personal style? 

My interest in fashion started in grade 10 - my first year of High School - when I realized the way you dress is an expression of yourself, and can also signify your level of confidence. My style is pretty casual compared to the other guys, especially Ayaz, who are all very fashion-forward and love to dress up. My daily uniform usually consists of a short-sleeved button-up, black jeans, and sneakers. I definitely enjoy the accessories side of fashion and have always enjoyed adding bracelets, necklaces, and nice watches to my look. However, you will see me fully dressed up at special events or on the weekends when we're going out.  

What exactly does the VP of Operations do? 

As VP of Operations, I oversee all the operations of the company which includes our entire supply chain, web development, and online marketing. I help with business development as well as product development and am the handy-man of the company. I build our pop-up setups, or fix whatever the other guys break. I work closely with Abdul and Ayaz to turn their visions and ideas for products into a reality. 

Adesso recently rebranded to take on more a lifestyle approach, how do you want to see Adesso grow in the next 5 years? 

I want to see Adesso grow nationally and internationally within the next 5 years. First, I want to expand across Canada as I feel our products would do well in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. From there, I would love to expand into the United States, and eventually make our way into Europe. 

When you aren't working, what are your favourite things to do in Edmonton and Calgary? 

I think it's important to take your mind off of work, even if it is just for an hour or two. I like to set time at the end of my day to concentrate on side hobbies and interests. I enjoy anything from building new things, playing guitar, or playing video games with friends. I've enjoyed playing new games since I was a kid, and that hasn't stopped. Almost nightly, you can find me playing Fortnite with some buddies for a couple of hours. 

In the summertime, I try to go camping as much as I can because I love the outdoors and it's a great way to relax with friends. One thing I love about Edmonton is how green it is in the summer, and I really enjoy going for walks along the river both in Edmonton and Calgary. 

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