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Article: 10 Self-Care Tips for Men: How to Take Care of Yourself this Winter

10 Self-Care Tips for Men: How to Take Care of Yourself this Winter

10 Self-Care Tips for Men: How to Take Care of Yourself this Winter

While practicing self-care is important for maintaining one’s wellbeing any time of the year, ensuring you are setting aside time to prioritize your mental and physical health is especially important in the winter. The colder months and darker days on top of your already busy lifestyle can leave one feeling drained — potentially causing burnout.

During the winter it can be all too easy to enter a state of hibernation, letting the activities that benefit your personal wellness fall to the wayside in lieu of Netflix binge sessions and snacking. While these activities may be enjoyable, overindulging can decrease motivation and leave one feeling both physically and mentally lethargic.

Instead, keep reading to discover our top ten self-care tips to help you continue to cultivate your most centred, productive, and positive self. 

1. Invest in Personal Grooming

Treating yourself to products like the Peregrine Supply Co. Detox Box or Tea Tree & Lavender Aftershave Tonic not only elevates your grooming ritual, but the action of devoting time to your personal upkeep helps set the tone for your day: A tone that is confident, sophisticated and ready to take on any challenges that may come your way.

Man washing his face.

2. Unplug from Technology

While time spent on our phones or laptops can be a valuable way to connect with friends and family, get work done, be part of a social media community or stay up-to-date on world news, being tethered to technology can also take a mental toll. Give yourself a well-deserved break by designating time in your evening to unwind without the constant distraction of technology.

3. Pursue a Hobby

Perhaps your job is your passion or you are working for the weekends. Either way, participating in an activity that is for your sole enjoyment evokes joy and can stimulate creativity. Maybe you love music and have always wanted to learn to play the guitar or are working on the next great Canadian novel. Filling your cup with a pursuit outside of work teaches you a new skill and gives you something else to look forward to when you're at home.

Man playing the guitar.

4. Get a Massage

Nothing quite says “relaxing” like spoiling yourself with a massage. In fact, making a massage a regular part of your personal wellness routine — rather than a once-in-a-while indulgence — can help keep stress from building up in your body. When your body is at ease, it can help your mind feel more centred. 

5. Read a Book for Fun

Our minds are inundated with information on the daily. Between work, school, and social media, we are reading constantly. Yet, when was the last time you settled in for a few hours of reading for pleasure? Turning the pages of a good book can further our education, expand our beliefs, and offer a pleasant distraction.  

Man reading a book.

 6. Try Guided Meditation

Meditating can seem a little intimidating — particularly the thought of sitting still in silence for 20-minutes. Yet, there are numerous benefits to meditation including reducing stress and anxiety, promoting positive thought and improving sleep. If a silent meditation is not for you, there are many guided meditation apps and online videos available to help you reap the rewards of meditation without the risk of zoning out or feeling bored.

7. Update Your Wardrobe

When you look good, you feel good. Honouring your self-expression is a prime way to practice self-care. Even something as simple as a rocking a new pair of vibrant socks, a semi-precious stone bracelet to elevate your wrist game or putting the finishing touch on your favourite suit with a distinct lapel pin can make you feel more self-assured and charismatic.

8. Be in Nature

Even in the midst of winter, escaping to nature can re-charge your proverbial batteries. Opting to go for a hike, visit a skating rink or take in some of your local sights will help clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed.

Man hiking in the mountains.

9. Move Your Body

Whether you live at the gym or get out of the house for a walk while listening to your favourite playlist, exercise floods the body with endorphins and leaves you feeling regenerated and positive. During chilly days when you feel particularly like hunkering down on the couch in the evening, try a 20-minute stretch or light workout at home instead.

10. Eat Better

We all know the old adage "You are what you eat.” While it's obviously not true in the literal sense, eating well does make you physically feel better— and you don’t have to hop on board the latest health trends to do it. Even in the simplest of terms, try consuming less junk and eating cleaner foods like fruit, veggies, and proteins.

How do you practice self-care? Let us know in the comments below.

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